Police Reports 5.12.14: County life

Is it just me, or do the most interesting police reports come from Lee County? I mean, Tupelo has plenty going on, but the weirdness level seems a notch or two higher outside the city limits.

Lee County gives us a little bit of everything today: A chicken-killing dog (Johnny Cash sang about that once), a very persistent stalker, relatives stealing cars, windows getting shot out. All sorts of stuff.

As for Tupelo, somebody is trying to steal all the beer. Please stop that, unless you’re stealing Budweiser or Miller products; in which case, take all you want of such rotgut beverages.


Lee County Sheriff’s Department

• A County Road 2720 resident reported a scam call stating he’d won millions of dollars.

• A Bonnie Farm Circle resident reported a man ran her off the road while she was driving.

• A County Road 681 resident reported a neighbor’s dog killed her chickens.

• A woman on Auburn Road reported a man has been following her for two weeks.

• A Drive 1739 resident reported strangers were going through her home, which was damaged by the tornado.

• A Highway 6 resident reported a stolen four-wheeler.

• A Windfield resident reported her car caught on fire.

• A Highway 178 resident reported he gave some people permission to remove property from his residence and they took more than was allowed.

• A County Road 1389 resident reported another driver tried to run her off the road.

• A County Road 1559 resident reported her medications were stolen.

• A Drive 1289 resident reported stolen speakers.

• A Mountain Leader Trail resident reported damage to his mailbox.

• A County Road 1409 resident reported a relative took his vehicle without his permission.

• A woman on County Road 301 reported her passenger side window of her vehicle was shot out.


Tupelo Police Department

• A man on Monument Drive was arrested on charges of public drunkenness, disorderly conduct and failure to comply.

• A woman on Main Street reported someone stole all of the food she’d purchased for a party.

• A man on McCullough Boulevard was arrested on charges of animal cruelty and disorderly conduct.

• A driver on North Gloster Street was arrested on DUI charges after running a red light.

• A woman on Lawndale Drive was arrested on charges of DUI, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

• A woman on Monument Drive reported she was assaulted.

• A driver at Barley Courts was arrested on DUI charges.

• A Lumpkin Avenue resident reported damage to her door.

• A woman was arrested on Gloster Street after a disturbance call.

• A man on Monument Drive was arrested on charges with disorderly conduct and failure to comply.

• A driver on Briar Ridge Road reported part of his vehicle damaged a light pole.

• A Woodlawn Drive resident reported she was being harassed.

• Two women were arrested on Main Street on shoplifting charges.

• A driver on Gloster Street reported her vehicle was damaged by a street sweeper.

• Two women on Main Street were arrested on shoplifting charges.

• A man on Lawndale Drive was arrested on disorderly conduct, failure to comply and trespassing.

• An employee on Lockridge Street reported a theft.

• A man on Barnes Crossing Road was arrested on shoplifting charges.

• An employee at a convenience store on McCullough Boulevard reported someone had stolen two cases of beer.

• A man on Jefferson Street was arrested on charges of careless driving and running a red light.

• An employee at a convenience store on West Main Street reported a man took beer from the store.

• A man on Ida Street reported he was assaulted.

• A man on Milford Street was arrested on contempt of court charges and his nephew reported he’d threatened him.

• A man on Main Street was arrested on charges of shoplifting.

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