Daily Lead 5.13.14: A fresh cut and fresh news

Happy Tuesday. I’m in a decent mood for once, because A) it’s not Monday, and B) I just visited the barber shop, which I always leave with an overblown sense of self-confidence. (It won’t last.)

Anywho, let us get down to business. As we ponder whether James Everett Dutschke‘s martial arts skills will do him any good in prison, let’s review the top headlines from today’s Journal.


Lost and found – Edward Crider, a former Tupelo police chief, went missing yesterday. He turned up in Russellville, Ky., last night, safe and sound. There are worse places to end up late at night – like Memphis. My sister’s then-boyfriend got turned around there once and almost got shot in the head.

Vista Ridge resolution – That big misunderstanding, or whatever you wanna call it, between apartment tenants and the property owner has been resolved out of court. Too bad; this could have been a fun court battle.

Clean it up – All those fallen trees that have been lying around will start disappearing. The debris removal process began Monday in Tupelo, and it starts in Lee County today. By the way, kudos to Mayor Jason Shelton for quoting an Aaron Tippin song. I don’t know what Tippin is up to these days, but he could probably still whip anybody who crossed him.

Craven’s turn – Baldwyn has a new boys basketball coach: Raymond Craven. He was Jason McKay‘s assistant for nine years. Far as I know, he’s not related to Wes Craven, which is too bad.


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