Police Reports 5.13.14: Get off my lawn!


Hey you

Hey you there

Why are you at my house

Go away

That was my really poor attempt at a poem of some kind. But it does capture a theme in today’s police reports: Unwelcome guests. They might be people you know, heck, they might even be closely related to you. But if you say they gotta go, then they gotta go.

Also, the hit-and-run involving the dog is one of the saddest things I’ve read all month. 🙁 But be of good cheer, because we’ve got THREE 24K gold mug shots in today’s post. Enjoy.


Lee County Sheriff’s Office

• A Saltillo man reported a woman who was living on his property but left last month has returned, and he wants her off his property.

• A Shannon woman reported two men jumped on her 15-year-old son at a horse show.

• A Shannon woman reported two people were staying at her house, and when she got up Sunday morning she noticed a Windows Surface with a blue keyboard was missing from her car.

• A Saltillo man reported his son came home to his County Road 2156 house, and he told his son to leave and not come back.


Tupelo Police Department

• A woman was arrested for an active warrant after being pulled over during a South Gloster Street traffic stop.

• A Tyler Drive man reported someone got into his unlocked truck and went through his things, but nothing was missing.

• A Westmoreland Drive business owner reported someone came onto his property and stole about 325 gallons of diesel fuel from some of the trucks in the parking lot.

• A woman reported someone in a red van collided with her vehicle on Clayton Avenue. She pulled over and observed the van drive a short distance and pull over, but when she got out of her vehicle the van drove off.

• An Oak Creek Apartments employee reported one of the community washing machines was damaged.

• A woman was arrested for driving without a license after being pulled over on North Madison Street for driving with an expired tag.

• A Lafayette Street man reported someone jumped over his fence and stole his grandson’s bicycle.

• A man was arrested for an active warrant at a safety checkpoint on Malone Street.

• A woman reported she was involved in an accident on West Main Street. The driver of the other car sped away. The woman reported she was treated for whiplash and her dog died from injuries sustained in the crash.

• A woman was arrested for an active warrant and driving with a suspended license after she was pulled over for driving with an expired tag on South Green Street.

• An officer reported observing a semitrailer driver take a right turn onto Robert E. Lee Drive from South Gloster Street and, in doing so, knocked down a power line.

• A man was arrested for being drunk in public and having an active warrant after officers responded to a physical altercation on Lake Street.

• A man was arrested for an active warrant on Simpson Street.

• An officer was patrolling the Barley Court area when a man walking near the Barley Court Store saw the patrol car, turned and ducked into a shadow quickly. The officer, citing the high rate of crime in the area and the store closing soon, pursued the suspect and found him to have active warrants. He was arrested.

• A man was arrested for being drunk in public after officers responded to a disturbance call on West Main Street.


Overheard on the Scanner

A lady called to report a snake in her tree. Dispatch: “The tree and snake are pressed up to her window.” Wait, so the tree is creepin’ on her, too?


Mug Shots of the Day

Too many good ones today to choose just one. LADIES, Mr. David E. Castillo would like you to note his chiseled physique, and never mind about that domestic violence charge he’s facing. Our man in the middle, Mark Anthony Johnson, thankfully has a shirt on. Cool shirt. Cooler beard. Contempt of court charge – not so cool. And finally, there’s Lionel Trice (malicious mischief). What ya see up there, chief?


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