Daily Lead 5.14.14: Will someone please make Mr. Dutschke a sandwich?

Sup. I had two cups of coffee before 8:30 a.m., which is unusual for me, so LIFE IS GREAT. Until right after lunch when I crash at my desk, at which point my life will be a horrible joke with an endless Disney Channel laugh track ringing in my ears.

Enough about me. Let us now ponder the effect eating a box’s worth of Wheat Thins over the past 24 hours might have on one’s digestive system, and let us review today’s top Journal headlines.


Dutschke reverses field – James Everett Dutschke alone knows why he decided to withdraw his guilty plea yesterday, and he alone wonders what a peanut butter-and-jelly-and-ricin sandwich would taste like. I’ve never had the desire to cover a trial, but I might have to arm-wrestle JB Clark for the right to do so if this one gets that far. This story is a MUST READ if there ever was one.

Super raise – Tupelo Public School District Superintendent Gearl Loden is getting a hefty pay bump. I don’t know if Loden asked for the raise, but if he did, well, you don’t tell Kojak no.

Cost of recovery – The government-related cost of tornado recovery in Tupelo and Lee County is at $13 million and counting.

Passing the torch – Kay Mathews, executive director of Regional Rehabilitation Center, is stepping down. She’d been in the game for a while. Time to play with those grandkids.


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