Daily Lead 5.15.14: Tupelo should target Target

Good day, readers. Thanks for stopping by. If you’ve not been here before, this blog is a place for you to get your news nourishment for the morning, with the day’s top stories from the region’s top news organization.

So, as we ponder the deep insecurities that must be present in those who plaster bumper stickers all over their vehicle, let’s look at the big stories from today’s Journal.


Development director nominee – Mayor Jason Shelton has chosen who he wants to be the city’s new development services director: Shane Hooper, current CDF chairman. The City Council will decide next week whether to approve the nomination. His job, in essence, would be bringing new businesses to Tupelo. First order of business, if I may suggest: Target. Second order of business: Raze both Walmarts.

Dutschke’s next date – James Everett Dutschke will be in Lee County Circuit Court on May 27 for a sentencing hearing on three fondling charges, to which he pleaded guilty in January. He reversed field Tuesday at his ricin-letter hearing, claiming innocence. Wonder if he’ll do the same May 27. Even if he doesn’t, I’m sure he’ll make a scene of some kind.

eSummer – Tupelo students can do their summer reading on eBooks this year. I don’t recall ever having summer reading in school. Or maybe I just never did it. Hmm…

Playoffs resume – The high school baseball playoffs continue today, and Tupelo looks to get past a tough DeSoto Central squad in the Class 6A North finals. I remember when DeSoto Central first became a school; a lot of schools popped up in that area a few years ago. White flight, I guess.


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