Police Reports 5.15.14: What ya stealing there, pilgrim?

You know what’s not cool? Stealing. Know what’s even less cool? Stealing someone’s western-themed movies. Listen, we all love John Wayne, but that’s no cause for swiping someone’s DVDs. Why, in the Old West, that’d get you shot quicker than dealing from the bottom of the deck.

Also, I learned something today: You can rent iPads. Truly, I had no idea. You can also have your rented iPad stolen if you’re not careful.

Here now are the latest police reports from Lee County and Tupelo, with a couple of mug shots at bottom.


Lee County Sheriff’s Office

• A County Road 681 woman reported someone took her boat from her home and her dog was missing. The dog returned later, bleeding and wet.

• A man reported someone took a 50-inch television out of his Cove Lane Apartment office.

• A County Road 821 man reported someone took about 25 western movies from his home.

• A Mooreville man reported one of his former tenants destroyed the interior of one of his rental homes after being evicted.

• A County Road 401 man reported someone stole his two Ford long-wheel base beds from his shop.

• A Mooreville woman reported receiving a call from someone threatening to arrest her husband for not showing up for jury duty. The caller hung up after the woman threatened to report the call.

• A Barley Court man reported a man didn’t pay him after he worked a job for the man.

• A Guntown woman reported someone used her son’s phone number in a Craigslist scam.

• A Tupelo woman reported she and her husband separated, and she suspects he had someone come to her residence and damage the door knob.


Tupelo Police Department

• A man was arrested for driving without insurance and with an expired tag after being pulled over on North Gloster Street for failing to dim his headlights.

• A man was arrested for DUI after officers received reports of a man slumped over the steering wheel of his car at the intersection of South Eason Boulevard and South Gloster Street. He was also charged with driving without a driver’s license, insurance or seat belt and obstructing traffic.

• Two men were arrested after a West Main Street Walmart employee reported they attempted to shoplift from the store. One of the suspects had an active warrant.

• Two men were arrested on outstanding warrants after being pulled over on Highway 145 when the passenger was observed not wearing a seat belt.

• A North Green Street woman reported a neighbor opened a package on her front porch.

• An Ida Street man reported someone took his iPad from his home. The iPad was rented from Rent-A-Center.

• A man was arrested for being drunk in public after he was reported passed out in the grass in front of the Scissor Shack.


Mug Shots of the Day

Getting arrested can make a person sad, and it can also reveal you to be different than advertised. Witness today’s mug shots. In the first, Jill Bostick haz a sad after being arrested for DUI (second offense) and obstruction of public streets. Poor thing needs a hug. And don’t let that Hello Kitty shirt Cassandra Matthews is wearing fool you. Ol’ girl got picked up for simple assault.


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