Daily Lead 5.16.14: It’s Friday, feel free to goof off

What up.

It’s Friday, in case you weren’t aware. That means you don’t have to feel so guilty about checking Facebook so often, or taking an extra-long lunch break, or napping in the utility closet, or using improper grammar.

Also, you shouldn’t feel bad about reading this blog post because we gots INFORMATION. Lots of it. And as we ponder just how many layers of makeup Oprah Winfrey wears these days, let’s review the top stories from today’s Journal.



Politics as usual – Chris McDaniel basically said Thad Cochran was too scared to come to Mississippi and debate him, and then a Cochran spokesman called McDaniel a liar, and while it’s all mildly entertaining, why can’t Mississippi politics be more like Idaho politics?

Getting on Holliday – Speaking of the Tea Party, those folks are upset with one of their own, Ed Holliday, who writes an occasional opinion piece for the Journal. His most recent column is what PO’d the TPers, because he expressed support for Cochran in the upcoming Republican primary. I just can’t believe an American political party would take offense at someone not sticking to the script.

Remembering the fallen – Law enforcement officers, their families and other citizens gathered to remember those who were cut down in the line of duty. This year’s ceremony obviously had a heavier tone than normal, given what happened late last year and also just last week.

Streamlined aid – Lee County might soon get a nonprofit organization that will help those in need be more efficiently and effectively served. Great job on the story by Robbie Ward, especially the part where he worked “smorgasbords” into the second graph.

Click It or Ticket – Law enforcement will start cracking down on seat belt violations starting next week. I still don’t understand people who don’t buckle up, but maybe that’s because of that car wreck I was in four years ago that almost killed me. Without a seat belt I might’ve been tossed into a cotton field.


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