Police Reports 5.16.14: A little goes a long way

We don’t have much for you today, because we’ve received no new reports from the Tupelo Police Department. But I tell you what, Lee County makes the most of what little it’s got today.

According to the lady in the second report, calling the sheriff’s office is a good way to end an argument. And I guess she’s right. As for the dude who got his overalls stolen, I have to ask, who still wears those?

Also, I’m thoroughly confused on what the woman in the last report means about not wanting her kid around unless he’s home. Huh?


Lee County Sheriff’s Office

• A Cotton Gin Road woman reported she was picking up a friend from Road 417. The friend had been in an altercation with a man at the location, and when she arrived the man came out and began cursing at her.

• A Nettleton woman reported she was fighting with her boyfriend. She said he didn’t abuse her, she just called the sheriff’s office because she wanted to quit fighting.

• A Marietta man reported a Guntown man stole his wallet, digital camera, hand tools and pair of overalls.

• A Drive 1347 woman reported a man has been coming in and out ofher residence and she has pictures of him on her property. The suspect is her son, but she doesn’t want him on the property unless he is home.


Mug Shot of the Day

OK, so the mug shot I’ve selected is not even from here. It’s from Alabama – Houston County – but I have to use it today because IT’S GLORIOUS. I found it via a story by my buddy Matt Elofson, a reporter for the Dothan Eagle. Mr. Kevin Mechling got charged with trafficking meth. Behold the blond bomber.


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