Daily Lead 5.20.14: Summer, summer, go away

Highs in the 90s? No thank you.
Highs in the 90s? No thank you.

As I type this, it’s quite pleasant outside. But we’re gonna see highs in the mid-80s today, and we could touch 90 later this week. I don’t want to hear any complaining from those of you who whined about how cold it was this winter. I for one was wishing winter would stick around a bit longer, because a Mississippi winter beats a Mississippi summer any day.

Not sure I’m ready for another summer here. Having spent nearly my whole life in Mississippi and Louisiana, you’d think I’d be used to the heat. Instead, I find it more intolerable every year. Bah.

OK, enough of my curmudgeonly bellyaching. Let’s ponder the fact that some humans actually still wear Crocs – and are probably dusting them off this week – and let’s review the top stories from today’s Daily Journal.


Recovery Q&A – Concerned residents affected by the April 28 tornado gathered Monday night to ask FEMA officials and relief workers about debris pickup, insurance coverage and rebuilding efforts. There was also talk of making the area around the North Gloster and North Green intersection – which was hit hard – more pedestrian-friendly. That makes a lot of sense, which means it probably won’t happen.

Carr puts it in park – Lee County Justice Court Judge Pat Carr is stepping down from the bench on May 31, citing health reasons. Turns out you don’t need a law degree to run for this position, only a high school diploma. So who wants to be my campaign manager? Already got a campaign slogan: “Justice – Chuck Norris style.”

Hooper on hold – The City Council has postponed its vote on development services director nominee Shane Hooper. Two council members are on vacation, so the vote will be held next Tuesday. What, nobody ever heard of a video conference? Oh, someone might have to work while on vacation? I do it all the time. I once had my wife sending out tweets about Phil Turner while I was driving us to Destin.

Tourney time – The SEC Baseball Tournament begins today in Hoover, Alabama, and Mississippi State takes on Georgia in the late game. Did I tell you about the time last year when I got into an argument with a Hoover cop because we couldn’t agree on which parking lot I could go to? I’m not always real smart.

Bousfield’s the best – Ole Miss outfielder Auston Bousfield won the Ferriss Trophy, given annually to the state’s top college baseball player. His Rebels, as the No. 2 seed, don’t play in Hoover until Wednesday. Great season for them so far. Now the question is whether they’ll flame out in the regional or the super regional. But seriously, I hope Ole Miss and State both make Omaha; then ESPN would have to stop getting them confused.


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