Social Buzz: Charlotte Hornets are back, sort of

I miss Larry Johnson. (AP file photo)
I miss Larry Johnson. (AP file photo)

I don’t know what happened to it – probably gave it away to Goodwill or something – but I once owned a Larry Johnson jersey. No. 2 in the Charlotte Hornets program, No. 1 in our Grandmama-lovin‘ hearts.

I picked it up during high school, on a trip to Six Flags Over Texas. The park was closing, the bus was about to leave, and I still hadn’t blown all my money. I wanted a jersey. I don’t recall which one I was looking for – probably a Lakers jersey – but the selection was thin. So I grabbed a teal Johnson jersey, because he was fun to watch.

All that to say, Larry Johnson isn’t coming back, but the Charlotte Hornets are. Kinda. The team that’s been known as the Bobcats since joining the NBA in 2004 is assuming the nickname of the previous Charlotte franchise, which took the Hornets nickname when it moved to New Orleans in ’02. But now that they’re the New Orleans Pelicans, the folks in Charlotte decided to reclaim their old moniker.

I remember quite well when Charlotte joined the league, which I guess makes me old, so this name change brings back a bit of nostalgia. Like the time the Lakers snatched Kobe Bryant away from Charlotte in what proved to be a severely lopsided trade.

Back to the present. Let’s go to Twitter to gauge the reaction to Charlotte’s name change.

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