Daily Lead 5.21.14: Who’s dressing MSU these days?

Dear MSU: Why? (AP photo)
Dear MSU: Why? (AP photo)

What’s your busiest day of the work week? Mine’s Wednesday. Today. No time to waste, so as we ponder what disturbed person designed the uniforms worn by Mississippi State’s baseball team last night, let’s review the top stories from today’s Daily Journal.


Story of survival – Ever clung to a toilet for dear life? I mean, besides the time you chased several beers with too much bourbon? Not that I’ve ever done that, nope. The situation was much more dire than that on April 28, and this story recounts how three Tupelo car salesmen huddled together in a bathroom as an EF3 tornado destroyed everything around them. Stop what you’re doing and read it now, then come back to finish this blog post.

[cue hold music]

Welcome back.

Clean-up contracts – More than $2 million will be spent on local and out-of-state contractors for debris removal in Tupelo and Lee County. I know this guy in Mooreville who would’ve done it for a lot less. No pesky overhead.

Open for business – Tupelo will spend $250,000 on a campaign to get the message out that the tornado isn’t gonna keep the city’s business machine from churning. My suggested slogan: “We’re more than just a bunch of Elvis leeches!”

Science! – A bunch of elementary students visited the Lee County Agri-Center yesterday to learn about the water cycle. Science is fun, as evidenced by the priceless photo accompanying the story. Girl’s like, whaaaaaaat.

Bulldogs win late – Mississippi State’s baseball team blew a two-run lead in the ninth inning but won it in the 10th, edging Georgia 5-4 in the first round of the SEC Tournament on Tuesday night. And seriously, what was up with those uniforms? Gross.


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