Daily Lead 5.22.14: Good news on jobs front

My day has gone to crap, but I’ll go ahead and get this (very late) blog post up for you. Let’s ponder the vast nothingness of space and how peaceful it must be as we review the top stories from today’s Daily Journal.


Jobless rate dips – Unemployment is at its lowest in our region since 2008, at 7.2 percent. According to our handy dandy chart, Union County had the area’s lowest jobless rate in April at 5.5 percent, while Clay County was the highest at 14.7. Pretty sure Clay County’s rate was much better when I was on the Mississippi State beat and spending all that money at the West Point Subway.

Money moves – The city of Tupelo is opening a new bank account so as to keep bill-paying money separate from the reserves fund. My wife and I recently opened a second account, but I’m not sure how well it’s working. We’re still flat broke.

Rapidly rebuilding – A Lee County couple wasted no time in rebuilding their home, which was destroyed by the April 28 tornado. They hope to have it ready to move into this summer. Mack Towery, the husband, is a retired contractor. So yeah, that helps.

New chief – Pontotoc has a new police chief, Randy Tutor. Seems to me there’s an awful lot of Tutors in Pontotoc County. A veritable Tutor Dynasty.

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