Daily Lead 5.23.14: Let’s wipe out your/you’re confusion

rottenecard_56426546_tyrz9ctt7sI keep hearing that it’s Memorial Day weekend, but since that doesn’t mean any less work for me, I keep forgetting about it. Of course, I reckon time off isn’t what the day is all about, is it? Me and my stupid American ingratitude.

But good for those of you who get some extra time with family and friends (or just with yourself if you’re a hermit). As we head into this extended weekend, let’s ponder how ridiculous end-of-year school awards programs have gotten as we review the top stories from today’s Daily Journal.


Focus on pre-K – At yesterday’s annual State of the Region meeting, state superintendent Carey Wright emphasized the need for stronger pre-K education. I hope her plan works, because I’m tired of seeing college students who can’t figure out something as elementary as the difference between your and you’re.

Road trip – Tupelo leaders will soon trek to Greenville, S.C., to get ideas on how to make the city grow and become more vibrant. The one thing I’d love to see the city’s leaders bring back is some of those mountains.

Cochran photo probe – Four people have now been arrested and charged in connection to photos taken of U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran‘s ailing wife. I believe that gives us enough people to use the word “conspiracy.” And folks wonder why I loathe politics.

Bulldogs fall – Mississippi State played past midnight, losing to Kentucky in 12 innings in the SEC Tournament. It was MSU’s first extra-innings loss in eight such games. As for Ole Miss, it took care of Vanderbilt. The Bulldogs and Rebels are both back in action today in a tournament that is really an impractical and meaningless exercise.


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