Daily Lead 6.11.14: Money is in the air

It’s Hump Day, I’ve got a freshly trimmed beard, and I’m wearing my Foo Fighters T-shirt – this ought to be a good day. I’m just hoping those four doughnuts I ate for breakfast don’t come back to haunt me.

Hope all is swell for you, too. We have some news to talk about, so as we ponder the May showers being a month late to the party, let’s review the top stories from today’s Daily Journal.


Air pay – The Tupelo Regional Airport got the $500,000 MDOT grant it was wanting to fix up a taxiway and runway, which means the city must now provide $500,000 as well for the project. So I guess UAM won’t be paying a dime for the runways its large planes have torn up, but I guess that’s on the airport for not planning for such a problem.

Court shakeup – With director Larry Montgomery retiring next month, Mayor Jason Shelton wants to reorganize Tupelo Municipal Court. The reasons are vaguely stated, just something about maintaining “effectiveness and efficiency of the court.” OK.

No-rent zone – The Tupelo City Council has passed a moratorium on certificates of occupancy for residential rental occupation of structures in areas affected by the April 28 tornado. That was a mouthful.

Read, Forrest, read – The Tupelo Reads program this year will feature the book “Forrest Gump,” which was turned into a pretty decent movie, you might recall. Here’s the kicker: The book’s author, Winston Groom, will take part in the event (Sept. 30-Oct. 3). Trivia: Did you know a “Forrest Gump” sequel was in the works but was dumped following – and because of – 9/11.


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