Daily Lead 6.12.14: Better keep it up to code, buster

GUYS. The first trailer for “Dumb and Dumber To” has been released. I’m pumped. Give it a look. …

Welcome back. Looks great, right? OK, let’s check in on less exciting news. As we ponder how much more I’d like McDonald’s if it served only breakfast items, let’s look at the top stories from today’s Daily Journal.


Smart kids – The data shows that Tupelo students who go through pre-K perform better on state tests than those who don’t. And as we all know, test scores are all that matter because test scores test scores test scores more funding.

Code vigilance – The towns of Saltillo and Guntown are cracking down with new rental codes, so as to keep properties from turning into crackhouses and brothels and whatnot, I guess. These new codes seem to be aimed mainly at negligent landlords; goodness knows there are plenty of those.

Classroom tech – The sixth annual Mobile Learning Conference was held at Northeast Mississippi CC this week. Man, when I was in school, the only piece of technology I had was my calculator watch. It was a sweet watch.

Which way to Omaha? – Ole Miss coach Mike Bianco has been to Omaha for the College World Series a few times, just not with the Rebels. He’s called up a couple of friends in the business to get a scouting report on the city. I can help you out, Mike: The Drover. Eat there at least once. Thank me later.


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