Daily Lead 6.18.14: Gatlin the hero

Hello there. I’m running way behind today, so I’m gonna make this quick. Just got out of an editorial board meeting with Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves, and we’ll have video of that posted later today. But now, let’s review the top stories from today’s Journal.


Rebels survive – Ole Miss isn’t finished in Omaha yet, thanks to John Gatlin‘s walk-off single to give the Rebs a 2-1 win over Texas Tech on Tuesday. As Parrish Alford writes, it’s been a tough go for Gatlin, a Tupelo product, but he got a big payoff yesterday.

Project OK’d – An $11.5 million contract has been approved for a project intended to make aesthetic and infrastructural improvements in the area from downtown Tupelo to the Elvis Presley birthplace. What, are we hosting the Olympics?

Debris dump – Wondering where all that tornado debris goes? Well, this story tells you. More than 7,800 loads have been delivered to the site. That’s, like, a lot.

Interest levels – There’s a varying amount of interest in the state’s U.S. Senate Republican primary race, depending on what part of Mississippi you’re looking at. The candidates themselves are studying those numbers in preparation for the June 24 runoff. I’ll tell you my interest level in politics: sub-zero.


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