Daily Lead 8.20.14: Old cameras, bad roads, and ‘oncology infusion’

Lauren is so meta. (Photo by Brad Locke)
Lauren is so meta. (Photo by Brad Locke)

Hey there, good people. Have you learned anything new today? I have.

I’ve learned you can make an iPhone photo look 50 years old by shooting it through one of them ancient box cameras. Staff photographer Lauren Wood, pictured at left, was having way too much fun with the antique camera business reporter Dennis Seid brought in today. She even took a selfie with it.

Yeah, we’re easily amused. OK, let’s move on to the news of the day from today’s Journal and DJournal.com.


• A judge in Jones County said in a hearing this morning that there should be a trial between Sept. 15 and 22 for Chris McDaniel‘s legal challenge of the June 24 U.S. Senate Republican primary runoff results. Hey, guys, I think McDaniel’s got a real shot here.


• Lee County’s got some roads that need fixing, and the supervisors talked about that yesterday. There’s bond issues and mill taxes or whatever and maybe some of y’all are enthralled by that kind of stuff. To each his own.

• “Outpatient oncology infusion” sounds really painful, but really it just means that North Mississippi Medical Center is creating a one-stop shop for cancer services, so to speak.

• Janet and Ramon Barreto will soon be headed back to Mississippi so they can have the book thrown at them. The cowards won’t be able to skip town again.


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