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“A Day Without Immigrants” was a one-day protest on Feb. 16, intended to show what the economic impact would be in the United States if immigrants were not here. On May 1, 2006, immigrants held a similar protest, then referred to as the “Great American Boycott.” That year the immigrants who participated – primarily Latinos […]

With yesterday’s inauguration of Donald J. Trump as the 45th president of the United States, our nation has entered a new era unlike any it has experienced before. Not only is the new president an elitist himself – one of the 1 percent rejected in the person of Mitt Romney four years ago – but […]

With Christmas only three weeks away, this is a season for magical thinking. After all, many families encourage their young children to believe in Santa Claus, that wonderfully humanitarian benefactor who travels throughout the world granting the heartfelt wishes of children. While I no longer believe in the power of magical thinking, I think the […]

Recent news that voter identification laws in several states have been struck down should give hope to Mississippians who feel they have been blocked from the political process. In 2013, the U.S. Supreme Court nullified a provision of the Voting Rights Act that previously protected minority groups from discriminatory practices. Mississippi is one of a […]

By Lena Mitchell Special to the Daily Journal IUKA – Throughout its 70 year history, the Mississippi Cattlemen’s Association has sought to protect the interests of beef and cattle producers in the state. State association president Paul Whitlock attended the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association’s recent summer business meeting in Denver in the group’s ongoing efforts […]

We in the United States have lived through some historic – and for many life-altering – experiences this month. On June 3, social-political-sports icon Muhammed Ali died. Little more than a week later, on June 12, 49 people were shot and killed in Orlando, Florida, in the nation’s most deadly mass shooting. Ali’s life was […]

I don’t remember what I was watching on TV recently when I heard the phrase “strong is the new pretty.” However, it struck me as an extremely powerful and empowering message. On-screen images of women in print and video, advertising and entertainment, tend to project sexuality, even when the women are accomplished, intellectually gifted, and/or […]

How far will gun advocates go in their “keep your hands off my guns” quest? Northeast Mississippi judges and law enforcement personnel are worried that bills before the current legislative session will force them to allow guns and knives into courthouses and courtrooms, even when circuit and chancery court are in session. After Mississippi passed […]

I finally saw the latest Star Wars movie, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” last weekend. My sister, who went with her sons to see it the first weekend it was in theaters, has been waiting for me to see it to discuss it in detail. Though she would not be considered a Star Wars geek, […]

Who knew that Sputnik Monroe, a wrestler well-known in the Memphis, Tennessee, area in the early 1960s, was a civil rights hero? After years of wrestling on the carnival circuit under several names, Monroe’s popularity reached its height in Memphis. Although he was known as a bad guy in the wrestling ring, before racial integration […]