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Hello! I'm Riley Manning, Religion editor here at the Journal. I graduated from Millsaps in 2011 with a degree in English and a bad habit of correcting other people's grammar. My favorite places to be are on the beach with a book or in a hay field at sun down.

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By Riley Manning Daily Journal TUPELO – The Yocona Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America will receive a substantial boost after winning a competition at the meeting of the BSA’s Southern Region. During the three-day meeting that began on Thursday, the Yocona Area took part in a contest following the popular television show […]

By Riley Manning Daily Journal The spirits of fellowship and good will were alive even among pets as All Saints’ Episcopal Church held their annual Blessing of the Animals ceremony Sunday afternoon. Though mostly dogs were present, it was clear that man’s best friend may also have scales. Sam Alton Westmoreland attended the ceremony with […]

By Riley Manning Daily Journal Earlier this month, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby called for a gathering of the Anglican Communion in what is expected to be an attempt at healing. The Anglican Communion has been troubled following the 2003 induction of the first openly gay bishop, Gene Robinson, by the Episcopal Church of the […]

By Riley Manning Daily Journal TUPELO – Demolition began on Madison Street this week, as earth-moving equipment was used to flatten a pair of dilapidated structures on the east side of the road, just a block north of the Lee County Library. The two houses and their lots are properties of the First Baptist Church, […]

By Riley Manning Daily Journal TUPELO – It’s a new day for Dickie Scruggs. The former – and infamous – trial lawyer is now championing education for the state’s half-a-million dropouts, a passion awoken while tutoring inmates during his six-year prison sentence. His new initiative, Second Chance Mississippi, seeks to fund and enable the community […]

By Riley Manning Daily Journal TUPELO – For Northeast Mississippians who witnessed the Pope’s tour through Washington, New York and Philadelphia, the spiritual high still lingers. “It was amazing,” said Veronica Lopez, who works for the Hispanic ministries of the Jackson Diocese of the Catholic Church. Lopez attended the Festival of Families in Philadelphia on […]

By Riley Manning Daily Journal TUPELO – Tuesday night, members of Tupelo’s Temple of B’Nai Israel huddled together in their sanctuary. They wore suits and dresses, shawls and yamachas. On stage, the intricate scrolls of the Torah were revealed by layman Marc Perler. Displaying the scrolls, Perler said, is the closest they can get to […]

By Riley Manning Daily Journal TUPELO – The days of plain black or navy socks are dead. If you don’t believe that, next time you’re around City Hall, keep your eyes on the ankles of Tupelo’s councilmen. You might see socks with an American Flag pattern, or polka-dot, or even scantily clad ladies adorning them. […]

By Riley Manning Daily Journal Pope Francis spoke to Congress in a joint session Thursday morning before addressing some 40,000 Catholics gathered near the U.S. Capitol. A few members of St. James Catholic Church and others from the area were there to receive the pontiff’s blessing in the flesh. St. James member Michelle Simmons and […]

By Riley Manning Daily Journal TUPELO – Behind every story is another story, and this year’s Tupelo Reads novel is no exception. Husband-and-wife co-authors of “The Tilted World,” Tom Franklin and Beth Ann Fenelly spoke at the Lee County Library’s Lunching with Books on Tuesday and talked about how the book came to be. The […]