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M. Scott Morris is an award-winning feature writer and columnist, and has worked at the Mighty Daily Journal since 1996. If you've got a story idea about an interesting person, place or thing, he'd love to hear about it.

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I was running late but it’s always good policy to take care of personal business before attending a meeting. So I was in the men’s room and heard some of the worst blowin’ and goin’ that I’ve heard in a while. A guy was forcing heroic blasts of air through his nasal cavity. To get […]

By M. Scott Morris Daily Journal TUPELO – Ballard Park will host country artist Gary Allan during the inaugural Sundown in Tupelo Festival. The event is slated for July 10, and organizers plan to feature six concerts with Allan taking the stage at 10 p.m. “Gary is a great performer,” said Charles Scott, the festival’s […]

By M. Scott Morris Daily Journal I walked into “The Longest Ride” with low expectations. It’s a love story based on a book by Nicholas Sparks, the man who also gave us “The Notebook.” The thing about Sparks is he has a fundamental understanding of storytelling. He can manipulate me even when I know I’m […]

By M. Scott Morris Daily Journal TUPELO – Mosquitoes are going to like Northeast Mississippi in the near future. “Right now, based on what’s happening now, we’re certainly going to have a lot of activity. There’s water everywhere,” said Dr. Jerome Goddard, Mississippi State University Extension professor of medical/veterinary entomology. Goddard said two factors affect […]

By M. Scott Morris Daily Journal TUPELO – Joe Gilmore’s all about comfort, but not his own. He works in one of the employees-only sections of North Mississippi Medical Center, where he makes sure there’s heat in the winter and air-conditioning in the summer. He oversees a pair of 5,000-gallon water heaters that service every […]

By M. Scott Morris Daily Journal TUPELO – Even if a musician treats her instrument like a holy relic, it’s guaranteed to fall apart in small ways over time. “After so many years, the pads will rot out,” Joe Holloway, 76, said. “You’re talking felt, you’re talking cork, and you’re talking about screws that vibrate […]

The Mighty Daily Journal’s email went down, so I alerted Angie Wright, IT manager. “I should’ve just emailed you,” I said. “I’ve never heard that before,” she said. That’s when I realized that I’d fallen into the pit of cliché, but Angie said my bad joke wasn’t as bad as I might’ve thought, though it […]

By M. Scott Morris Daily Journal After a movie makes nearly $150 million on its opening weekend, there’s pressure to say something good. The cars in “Furious 7” are cool. If you’re a gear head, you’ll probably love watching car chase after car chase, though you might cringe each time a fine specimen comes to […]

By M. Scott Morris Daily Journal TUPELO – At one time, Peg Oakes was ready to give up the piano. “I wanted to stop playing because all my teacher did was talk. I thought she wasn’t teaching me anything,” Oakes said. “My mother said, ‘No, no, no. You’re not going to stop.’ Thanks goodness she […]

The Institutions of Higher Learning board of trustees did Dan Jones a big favor. By not renewing his contract, they gave University of Mississippi students and alumni the chance to “Stand with Dan.” You have to believe the soon-to-be-former chancellor has been overwhelmed by the kind words and enthusiasm. He probably won’t experience the like […]