“Let us have music for Christmas, Sound the trumpet of joy and rebirth; Let each of us try, with a song in our hearts, To bring peace to men on earth.” – Mildred L. Jarrell ––––– More than anything, it’s the music of Christmas that awakens long-dormant thoughts and memories about Christmases past. My Uncle […]

Opening Caveat: Longtime readers of this column know I typically go to great lengths not to mention my restaurants by name. I always hope to focus on other restaurants avoiding the blatant marketing and/or promotion of businesses owned by my company and me. With that being said, today’s column is 100 percent about the Purple […]

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Gary Harper, member of The Inspirational Community Baptist Church of Tupelo, stands to celebrate in the Lord as his pastor, Dr. Cordell Phillips, preaches the message at First Pentecostal Church Tuesday night. Both churches meet twice a year for their Racial Reconciliation Service.

By Riley Manning Daily Journal If you ask the Revs. Larry Hill and Cordell Phillips what brought them and their churches together, they would tell you it was a God thing. At the time, it was as simple as the buying and selling of a building. Now, though, it’s a fellowship. Since sharing a church […]

By M. Scott Morris Daily Journal TUPELO – The Christmas lights will shine brightly at Ballard Park on Monday. Everyone’s invited for a night of holiday music and fireworks, as well as a chance to meet the famous – or should that be infamous? – Grinch. The Tupelo Department of Parks and Recreation and the […]

By M. Scott Morris Daily Journal TUPELO – Lights aren’t necessary, but they might help. A script could come in handy, but then again, it might get in the way. The only essential piece of equipment for the Daily Journal’s Entertain Us video contest is a camera, and just about everyone has one of those. […]

By Michaela Gibson Morris Daily Journal Sometimes the holiday cheer can bite back. Shopping can jingle your feet. Decking the halls can take out your back. Seasonal foods can send the dancing sugarplums and a good night’s sleep packing. Even a comforting cup of hot chocolate has its perils. Here are first aid tips from […]

Sixty percent of the population will experience some type of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) within a year. Twenty to 30 percent of these will have weekly or more frequent symptoms. GERD is a chronic, often progressive condition resulting from a weakened lower esophageal sphincter (a high pressure zone of the junction of the esophagus and […]

Daily Journal CORINTH – Ranging from five to 17 years in age, dancers have been practicing eight hours every Saturday since the first weekend in August for their upcoming production of “The Nutcracker,” which will be presented on the stage of the historic Coliseum Civic Center in downtown Corinth at 7 p.m. on Friday, Dec. […]

With hectic schedules around the holidays, it’s sometimes hard for families to find a time to gather ‘round the hearth for dinner and fellowship. My own Thanksgiving-proper was this past Sunday at my mother’s house. It’s your typical holiday happenings, other than the fact it’s my family – which means there’s usually a running gag […]