One day last week I received in the mail the most extraordinary press kit. It’s called a Kitchen Curry Master and it contained a stainless steel spice box, known as a Masala Dabba, and a cookbook with authentic Indian recipes. The spice box, which holds little metal pots without tops and is covered with a […]

February in South Mississippi is a strange beast. It’s 30 degrees and overcast as I type, though in a few days it might be 72 and sunny. Such is life on the edge of Zone 8. Geographical location affects almost every aspect of our lives. In the northeast, people are going to spend a significant […]

A few weeks ago, my friend and co-worker Leslie Criss decided she was going to put her Crock-Pot to work. As the cold, dreary days drag on, she was finding it harder and harder to go home in the evenings and prepare a meal and, as such, was resorting to protein drinks and peanut butter […]

“He’s currently in a lemonade phase,” my wife said. She was halfway across the room talking to someone at a Mardi Gras party. I knew she was talking about me. I am a phase guy. I go on music binges where I will listen to one artist, or one album, until I wear it out. […]

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Sisters Joan Lansdell, left, and Beverly Blaylock are over the moon since finding out Sweet Tea and Biscuits is being featured in the March-April issue of Cooking with Paula Deen magazine.

By Ginna Parsons Daily Journal TUPELO – Last October, Sweet Tea and Biscuits owner Beverly Blaylock got a call from an associate editor at Cooking with Paula Deen magazine. “She said she was going to be going through the state of Mississippi tasting food at different locally owned eateries,” said Blaylock. “Our place in Tupelo […]

I turned on the Food Network on Sunday morning and just about every show I saw featured some sort of chocolate treat. I don’t know that I ever heard the words Valentine’s Day, but I’m guessing that was the reason for all the decadence. Ree Drummond, aka The Pioneer Woman, was making pots de cream, […]

There are several different games I play with family and friends. Most of them have to do with music or food. “Name the top three most important Beatles albums in order.” “Who is the best American rock-and-roll band of all time?” “Name your top three restaurant meals.” The queries are endless. Everyone has an opinion […]

When I was growing up, beef chili was a standard meal on our table about every other week during the winter months. I think Mama made her chili from a Chili-O packet, using home-canned tomatoes. It wasn’t a gourmet meal, but it was a solid supper. Mama always topped our chili with grated Cheddar cheese […]

My son and I were having lunch the other day and he asked me, “Dad, how long has ketchup been around?” I didn’t know the answer. It’s nothing I had even thought of before. So I did what any well-meaning father would do when he wants to impart wisdom into his 13-year-old son’s quickly developing […]