If your 6-year-old seat cushions are victims of saggy-sofa syndrome, make them look brand new with a box of Poly-Fil and a bag of Poly-Fil Quilt Batting for less than $30. Have a conspicuous, unsightly router? Hide it inside a large book. Cut the book’s pages, leaving about an inch at the top and bottom […]

With extremely warm weather in the fall and so far this winter, many of our flowering landscape plants are really confused. I’ve seen fantastic spring displays of color in December and January. This weather pattern creates a few problems, none of which we can solve as gardeners. We can’t control the weather, like the cold […]

Seeing the yellow blooms on the cascading branches of forsythia is a sure sign spring has arrived. These eye-catching shrubs add exciting color to any yard after a long winter. Temperatures in the 60s are needed for the flowers to show off their color for about two to three weeks. The border forsythia is a […]

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Joyce Morgan of Booneville said she loves the home she and her husband, Bill, had built as much today as she did when it was completed in 1999.

By Ginna Parsons Daily Journal BOONEVILLE – For years, Joyce and Bill Morgan lived on Brewer Street in Booneville with their two children, Bronzie and Steve. As they needed more space, they’d add on to the home and remodel, until that just wasn’t feasible anymore. “One morning, Bill got up and said, ‘OK, Joyce. I […]

It is in the winter that one appreciates a cozy fire and a good book that requires some contemplative thought, and so when the weather is frigid and the garden lies dormant, the Earth Lady peruses her library for a book to stimulate the mind and warm the heart. The book selected for fireside reading […]

One of the grandest and maybe gaudiest garden and landscape shows is the blooming of the Southern indica azaleas, especially in south Mississippi. For most of the year, these shrubs play a supporting role in the landscape, which they do well, providing a great background for the warmer-season flowering plants. But in the spring when […]

Most plants thrive in “well-drained soil” but what does that mean? Good drainage starts with good soil structure, because well-structured soils contain enough gaps between clay, silt, and sand particles to allow air and water to flow freely. Precipitation percolates or filters through well-drained soil and plant roots can then get enough air and water […]

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Jim West sits in the dining room of Fleur de Lis Antiques, his shop in the old B.A. Rogers home on Church Street in Tupelo.

By Ginna Parsons Daily Journal TUPELO – Last fall, antiques dealer Jim West went to an open house for an estate sale in Aberdeen and mentioned to a friend there he would like to have a big old house where he could put in an antiques store and have a little space for his accounting […]

The masthead on the front of this paper reads: “A locally owned newspaper dedicated to the service of God and mankind.” For 25 years the Daily Journal has faithfully run my interior design column and, God willing, you’ll be reading this monthly column for many years to come. As 2016 begins, let’s look at the […]