An important step in keeping year-round color in the garden and landscape is planting and transitioning the annual color plants. Within the last month, I’ve planted my favorite fall French marigolds, also called Mari-mums. My Telstar dianthuses and snapdragons are also in and starting to show off. At the beginning of September, I pulled my […]

The Japanese maple can add beauty to any landscape with its breathtaking, colorful foliage that can range from green to crimson, orange, pink, white or gold. With its varying leaf shape from lacy, an almost feathery shape, to upright leaf or standard, and its different heights and shapes, there are numerous possibilities to pick from […]

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Lara and Joe Brennan purchased Puckett House, her family’s longtime residence in Amory, in 2014. The dining room table is set with china, crystal and silver that belonged to Lara’s grandmother, Mary Frances York Puckett.

By Ginna Parsons Daily Journal AMORY – Lara Williams Brennan has fond memories of growing up in the Puckett House, which was built by her great-grandfather, Lee Erbie Puckett, in 1925. After Lee Erbie died unexpectedly, Lara’s grandfather, Erbie Lee Puckett, moved home to take care of, and grow, the family business. He soon married […]

The poet, Edna St. Vincent Millay, once rhapsodized about a glorious fall day in New England: “The woods, this autumn day, that ache and sag and all but cry with color.” But one does not have to be a poet or even live in New England, famous for its fall leaf tours, to appreciate an […]

When I woke up Saturday morning, the cool air felt like getting a visit from an old friend. After our latest long and hot summer, it has been way too long since we saw each other. During my weekly visit to the local garden center that day, I saw another reminder of the promise of […]

Much has been written lately about A.P., but whether Arnold Palmer or air plants, neither will ever go out of style. Found throughout the Americas, there are more than 400 species of air plants, or tillandsia, including Spanish moss, which drapes from live oaks in the southern U.S. Ranging in size from 8 inches to […]

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A half-dozen hummingbirds prepare to light on feeders in Underwood’s backyard.

By Ginna Parsons Daily Journal ECRU – One spring a few years back, Nancy Underwood put up a couple of hummingbird feeders in her backyard to see if she could attract some of the tiny creatures. “I had a few hummingbirds, so the next year I put up a few more,” said Underwood, 57. “Last […]

I watched a great video last week: Houzz TV’s “How to Paint a Wall Faster.” Paint expert Shauna Gallagher wasn’t painting the way I’d been trained by Sherwin-Williams. Shauna rolled the wall first and then cut in its edges with her brush – instead of brushing paint around the outer edges first and then rolling […]

Many people are interested in having home vegetable and flower gardens, but many urban homes have small lots. Home gardeners in this situation may not think they have enough room. Others, especially inexperienced gardeners, may be discouraged by the amount of time and work required to build a new garden bed. A good solution to […]