My parents had only two televisions in their home. The one we all watched lived in the den and was a ridiculously old, dinosaur model. It was so deep that part of the wall behind the built-in bookcase had to be removed so it would fit. The only reason they had a second TV was […]

In my travels visiting garden centers and greenhouses, I’ve been reminded of plants that we don’t grow enough in Mississippi. Dahlias are on that list. I can’t decide if it’s because gardeners think these beautiful plants need an extraordinary amount of care or they’re just not aware of them, but we need to grow more […]

Before you decide that conifers are simply pine trees and eastern red cedars, you must realize there is a large family of trees and shrubs readily available that add interest, live long lives and live in our zone 7 climate. There are many interesting silhouettes as well as large, medium and small-size shrubs and trees. […]

By Ginna Parsons Daily Journal ABERDEEN – Whether you like Victorian homes with towers and turrets, turn of the century Queen Annes with gingerbread trim or Greek Revival mansions and cottages, there’s something for everyone’s taste at the 40th Aberdeen Southern Heritage Pilgrimage. “We chose Bella Vida because it hasn’t been on the tour in […]

On an evening in early March the Earth Lady will venture out onto her front porch and take delight in listening to the male, amphibian chorus of Spring Peepers reverberating from the nearby bog. After a long, cold winter, this nocturnal serenade, just like the first daffodil or purple martin, is a sure sign that […]

Gardening is fun, invigorating and therapeutic but a little warning about some of our plants is wise. Many plants have a built-in mechanism to protect them from herbivorous animals, such as a chemical the plant can release or with stickers, burrs, spines and needles. While most plants are not poisonous, many can be irritating to […]

It seems that crape myrtles face a lot of dangers this time of year.Many still face “crape murder,” or being butchered by having their branches improperly cut off at the same place every year. A novice gardener sees a so-called “professional” landscape company do it, so they think they need to cut their own crape […]

A fantastic way to display a large collection of art is a picture gallery wall. Hanging many picture on one wall is certainly a beautiful and daring thing to do, but with a little planning, it doesn’t have to be a scary DIY project. There are several gallery picture-hanging methods you can follow, but they […]

Through the column and television show “Southern Gardening,” I have the chance to share some of my favorite landscape plants with home gardeners all across Mississippi. And believe me, I have a lot of favorite plants depending on the season, flower color and more. This week as I’m getting ready for summer, I’m thinking hard […]