Black defines, draws, and demands our attention. You must decide first whether you’ll use it as a neutral, as an accent or as your main color. A room painted with contrasting semi-gloss and satin black stripes makes everything else in the room stand out, plus the room will feel larger because its corners will disappear. […]

This week, I’ve been taking what I’d like to think is a well-earned vacation. But even though I’m technically “off the clock,” I’m still finding interesting ideas to try in our Mississippi gardens and landscapes. Since we’re heading into the much cooler winter months, I’ve come across several clever uses of unusual planting combinations we […]

You have 35 shopping days until Christmas! Don’t panic if you have a gardener with a shed full of tools and a shelf full of books because a floral toolbox may be just the gift for the gardener who has everything but needs a little encouragement to bring the bounty indoors. The tools of the […]

By Jeff Roberson Oxford Citizen OXFORD – Located at 616 North 14th Street in Oxford, on a property not all that different from others on that particular street, stands a house of prominence that once upon a time was almost lost for eternity. A video production for visitors to the house and property tells us […]

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The home of Laura and Larry Homan was modeled after Beauvoir, the Biloxi estate that belonged to former Confederate President Jefferson Davis. The Homans named their home Chapel Hill because they live on Harden Chapel Road and the house is built on a hill.

By Ginna Parsons Daily Journal FULTON – Walking through Chapel Hill, the home of Laura and Larry Homan in Fulton, is like stepping back in time. And that’s precisely the point. The wood home, with its sweeping porches, elaborate doors and seven-step crown molding, was modeled after Beauvoir, the estate that belonged to former Confederate […]

St. Francisville, Louisiana, was the perfect venue for a Southern Garden Symposium. In this old southern town far from the madding crowd and set on the bluffs of the Mississippi River, time seems to move at a slower place. Allées of centuries-old live oak trees draped with Spanish moss lead to homes and gardens that […]

I’ve talked before about how pansies are perfect bedding plants for the cool season in our Mississippi landscapes and gardens. This week, I want to draw attention to the viola, another favorite cool-season bedding plant that is closely related to the pansy. Most gardeners I know call violas by their common name, Johnny jump ups. […]

Yard ornaments add another dimension and focal point to your landscape. But why do we have them and what is the history behind some of our favorite landscape ornaments? Lawn ornaments became popular in the United States during the late 19th century when American lawns started to have “front” yards. Homeowners started to imitate the […]

Americans are living longer, divorcing and remarrying more often, which makes for an interesting game of musical chairs, musical sofas, musical bedroom suits, etc. Marrying makes what is yours and mine – ours, which leads to choosing what to keep and what to let go, while divorcing separates my stuff from your stuff and leads […]