There’s not a stoplight in Sand Hill, Mississippi. It’s just a wide place in the road down in Rankin County, north of Brandon. It’s like a thousand other little country places all over the state, except for one thing: Sand Hill is home to Torie Bowie. Torie Bowie is a 26-year-old African-American who just won […]

By Zack Orsborn Daily Journal TUPELO – Local photographer and videographer Rex Harsin met John Sparks, CEO of India Partners, in the Persian Gulf before they went on a two-week excursion of India in July. Harsin heard about India Partners – a Christian mission organization that works with six indigenous organizations that serve poverty-stricken communities […]

A few days ago I met a man I’ll call Junior. He’s about 65, country-strong, with hands like pine knots and a voice like kerosene and sorrow. He dips Copenhagen, moist flecks of which cling to his scruffy beard. He’s stooped from hard work, recovering from open-heart surgery, worried about his grandkids. He drives a […]

After a not-so-great night’s sleep at the end of a soul-wearying day, I woke and read the words of David, in Psalm 23: “… he refreshes my soul.” It’s a well-worn text, “done to death” you might say. I’ve heard it and read it so often I’ve almost stopped thinking about it. But today it […]

By Zack Orsborn Daily Journal TUPELO – Christopher DeGeorge, the new pastor at Calvary Baptist Church, started going to church at a young age with his father after a small tragedy in his family. His parents separated, and his father began soul searching. “He found the Lord in the midst of that time,” DeGeorge, 35, […]

Clotilde was an African-American waitress in a coffee shop in Pascagoula. Everyone pronounced it “Kloe-TEEL.” She used to pour coffee for my stepfather back in the ‘90s, and he told me the story of her namesake. Clotilde was named after the last ship to ever bring slaves into the United States, in Mobile Bay, Alabama. […]

By Zack Orsborn Daily Journal TUPELO – At the age of 12, Clementine Mays began attending the Mississippi Leadership Training School, a part of the Christian Methodist Episcopal Annual Conference for North and South Mississippi. More than 45 years later, Mays is pastor of Poplar Springs CME Church and host pastor for the conference. She […]

A couple of months ago, I wrote about an episode in which I nearly killed a man. I don’t mean I tried to kill a man but failed, but rather I didn’t mean to kill a man but almost did. I’ll spare you the details and simply say it was a near miss. I was […]

By Mike Lee Special to the Daily Journal HOLLY SPRINGS – Six months ago, an EF-4 tornado tore through the mid-South causing a path of destruction totaling some 170-plus miles that left behind widespread devastation in every city, town and community where the storm touched. Locally, some of the most extensive damage occurred in Marshall […]