By William Moore Daily Journal TUPELO – Patrons in downtown Tupelo eateries will notice something different under their glasses this month. For the third year in a row, Verizon is partnering with the Downtown Tupelo Main Street Association for the “Don’t Let Domestic Violence Coast” campaign. The awareness campaign will place special coasters in downtown […]

By Jeff Roberson Oxford Citizen OXFORD – David Blackburn, President of the Blackburn Group, is excited about the future of the Oxford Commons area. Actually he is excited about the present of the massive development on Oxford’s east side. “It seems like the place has been this big ball you’re trying to push uphill,” said […]

By Dennis Seid Daily Journal TUPELO – Mississippi Paper Co. has a new owner, having been recently acquired by Jackson-based Jackson-Newell Paper Group for an undisclosed sum. “We’ve got a lot of business in the Tupelo area and we’re looking to support the customers we have and expand business by making this acquisition,” said Bill […]

By Jeff Amy Associated Press WEST POINT – For Yokohama Rubber Co., its $300 million Mississippi plant is its platform to fight for a slice of the competitive North American tire market. For West Point, the plant is a ticket out of the economic doldrums that have plagued the northeast Mississippi town of 11,000 for […]

By Emma Crawford Daily Journal TUPELO – While students have been preparing in class for the “Imagine the Possibilities” career expo, Northeast Mississippi businesses have been doing their own preparations. The expo is about more than just showing off what businesses do, though, and with a high level of participation among local and area businesses, […]

By Adam Armour Itawamba Times TREMONT – If there’s one thing the Canup siblings learned from their father, it’s the value of hard work. Businesses, like flowers, require a lot of nurturing to grow. “We’ve always said hard work drives our family,” said B.J. Canup, president of Tremont Floral. His father, Bobby, sat across the […]

Opening a business isn’t easy. Keeping it open is even harder. And we read and hear a lot of numbers tossed about. For example, the Small Business Administration’s Office of Advocacy says small business historically creates 63 percent of new private-sector jobs and employs 50 percent of the workforce. The SBA also says 10-12 percent […]

Framing a conversation matters. How you say things can make a big difference in how people react to information. A study done a few years back gave information to doctors concerning a potential surgery. These doctors were fact-based individuals who use science to keep people healthy and alive. They split the doctors into two groups. […]

Q. If a credit card company has charged off a debt, can they still sell that debt to someone else who can come after it? I’m currently receiving calls about a debt that’s more than 20 years old. Do you have any suggestions? A. Charging off a debt doesn’t mean that the right to collect […]