Police investigate shooting at Crosstown Kroger

town_tupelo_greenBy Riley Manning

Daily Journal

Tupelo Police are investigating a shooting at the Kroger gas station on West Main Street near Crosstown.

The report came in after 5:30 p.m.

Police said both parties involved left the scene, and no injuries were reported. They also said nobody has turned up at the emergency room.

Lt. Mask said there are a few leads on those involved, but nothing is confirmed.

Witnesses said it appeared two men were arguing at gas pumps. An occupant of a white two-door coupe fired on a maroon, late 1990s Ford Explorer. Witnesses said shots fired from the white car and hit the side of the Explorer.

Police are currently examining the scene where there were two shell casings seen by the pumps.

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  • harryblah

    I’m surprised there aren’t more shootings at this station. I get my gas there sometimes and it’s always so disorganized. drivers cutting in front of others, people talking on the phone so loud they don’t care they’re holding up the line, others cleaning out their cars like it’s a car wash with cars backing up and not giving a damn. no security, no nothing. Kroger and the city cops need to do a better job. it won’t be long before someone dies there.