Two major winter weather events within days are unusual but not unheard of in Mississippi, as a second consecutive Wednesday/Thursday of frozen precipitation challenged state, county and municipal road and public works crews to make roads safe despite limited winter-weather equipment. Early Thursday morning the storm that brought ice, sleet and snow to Mississippi had […]

The White House opposes Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaking to Congress, but not because the speech has political implications, coming as it does just two weeks before Israel’s March 17 election. If the administration truly had political concerns it would not have dispatched a team of Obama loyalists to Israel to help defeat Netanyahu. […]

“Boss, why do we have those hard, clear things in the wall?” You mean windowpanes, Cat? “Yeah. We need to take them out.” And make a solid wall? “No – just a hole with nothing in it, for me to see out of.” You mean a hole for you to jump out of. I know […]

The bid process for public sector contracts doesn’t guarantee success, but it offers flexibility in working to reach an acceptable bid price when first efforts run over the money, as happened this week in bidding on a new splash pad at Rob Leake City Park on Joyner Avenue. Tupelo’s City Council rejected all bids when […]

The House that freshman state Rep. Tim Ford joined in 1980 was one ruled by an all-powerful speaker who took care of his friends, ignored his enemies and marginalized the relatively small number of African-American lawmakers – a group that had grown from four to 17 in the election that brought Ford to the Legislature. […]

Give the Republicans the state’s taxing power and what do they do with it? Install the reverse Robin Hood doctrine: Give to the rich and take from the poor. I know, its election year and its circus time for lawmaker/clowns to toss gaudy trinkets to their audience. But nobody could have dreamed up the Gunn […]

Use turn signals for public safety I retired after more than 40 year of law enforcement. One of the more interesting areas of that career was presenting a Defensive Driving Course to the general public. This course was created by the National Safety Council after many years of research. It’s updated often. At the start […]

Should potential contractors be given a chance for rebid to meet financial limits when specific cost overruns can be identified?

A newly published report from the education advocacy organization Mississippi First further confirms the persistent problems of access and quality statewide in pre-K education, an issue widely acknowledged and never comprehensively addressed. The report, “The State of Public PreKindergarten in Mississippi,” shows access to public pre-K is high in pockets of Mississippi but varies throughout […]