Anyone facing a hospital stay for themselves or a family member should look at new data the government released right before Christmas showing that it penalized 769 of the nation’s hospitals for having high rates of patient injuries. The monetary penalties – a reduction for the year in their reimbursement for treating Medicare patients – […]

During his Senate confirmation hearing, Dr. Ben Carson, secretary of Housing and Urban Development-designate, told a story. He said his mother was a domestic who cleaned beautiful homes. One day she asked him if he would rather live in those nice houses or the house in which he and his brother lived in Detroit. She […]

Good health coverage needs to be top priority In the Daily Journal, Jan. 10, Sen. Roger Wicker continues his seemingly endless criticism of President Obama and the Affordable Care Act. Why? The elections are over. The Republicans have the House, Senate and presidency. Could it be that he no longer wants us to think in […]

In 1983, legislation was signed to officially designate Martin Luther King Jr. Day a federal holiday. Fifteen years after the civil rights leader was brutally assassinated, King became one of only three people (George Washington and Christopher Columbus being the others) to have a national holiday observed in their honor. George Washington’s Birthday has been […]

As noted in prior writings, I’ve watched the evolution of the digital divide in Mississippi from several unique vantage points. Even the term “digital divide” has evolved in my lifetime. Earlier in the 20th century, that “divide” was defined by those who had access to telephones and those who didn’t. The obstacles to the technology […]

Riding the rural highways of Mississippi, it’s easy to see why so many citizens want taxes cut. Vistas of disrepair and deterioration overwhelm. Strapped folk in these areas see little benefit from state spending. To them, every precious dollar they send to state and local governments must seem to disappear down endless holes. They are […]

A week in your Miss. House Not every day of the legislative session is exciting, but none are boring. The weeks are typical that we check in on Monday’s at 4 p.m., then work Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and then check out about 9 a.m. on Friday mornings. This week was without excitement, but a […]

Outgoing president Barack Obama returned to Chicago this week to deliver his farewell address. He touched on a few policies enacted during his presidency, such as the Affordable Care Act and the Iran nuclear deal, among others. More so, however, he remarked on the American spirit, and the active role citizens must assume in continuing […]

Bitterly cold days of January and bitter reflections on morals and culture in America lead me to reflect on the state of Western Civilization. Looking at where we’ve been helps to find our way forward. In the 14th century BCE, tribes of nomads roamed the Judean hills and deserts. From the Fertile Crescent to the […]