Bill Minor – who deservedly embodied the title “dean of Mississippi journalists” at the time of his death this week at age 93 – likely wrote the most honest self-assessment of his world view in “South Writ Large,” an online publication of the Center for the Study of the American South at the University of […]

Legislation that would give Lee County the flexibility to build its jail outside of Tupelo is heading to Gov. Phil Bryant for his signature after some initial hiccups that highlighted a clear breakdown in communication between city and county leaders. Earlier this week, Senate leaders passed the legislation following a brief explanation and a vote. […]

The advances of modern technology have truly changed the educational landscape in Mississippi over the last decade by offering educators more tools than ever before right at their fingertips to help prepare students for a global workforce. One of the most significant and visible changes in just the last few years is the notable absence […]

A healthier Mississippi with more medical services, specifically for the underserved, was a hallmark of Gov. Phil Bryant’s stump speech when he was running for office. It continued as a theme in Bryant’s first State of the State address, now more than five years ago: “We must be mindful of the increasing demand for health […]

This past week’s debate by the House of Representatives on President Trump’s health-care plan is merely the prologue of a long process to repair the damage left by Obamacare. The Senate also needs to have a chance to debate legislation that would finally repeal this broken law. I stand with the president in fulfilling the […]

From students learning about different cultures around the world to an area principal being named a finalist for statewide recognition, there was plenty of good news to share last week throughout Northeast Mississippi. Before we prepare for the week ahead, let’s take a look back at some of the highlights from last week: • Students […]

While constantly focusing on the internal mechanics of education in the United States, there is often a lack of focus on the global market within education. Comparing apples to apples may help educators understand that while there is always room for improvement, schools in the U.S. offer the unique opportunity for all children to learn […]

In these uncertain times, nothing is more important than protecting our national security. Congress is moving forward with this commitment through close examination of U.S. military readiness at all levels. While our work continues to strengthen our military might, we must also continue our efforts to build and maintain relationships with those who help us […]

Northeast Mississippi received encouraging news last week during a meeting on the state of economic development. The keynote speaker at the event held at the BancorpSouth Conference Center said the upholstered furniture industry – which is anchored in Northeast Mississippi – is on the upswing. Jerry Epperson is a veteran industry observer and analyst with […]