The city of Tupelo could soon find itself between a rock and a hard place with the discussions of a new traffic light on South Gloster Street and whether it wants to cater to a new development or keep current business owners pleased. Retail giant Walmart wants to build a 42,000-square-foot neighborhood market between the […]

Ever since negotiators finished work on a nuclear agreement with Iran, President Barack Obama and his aides have been fending off critics with a recurring refrain: What’s the alternative? “There’s no alternative that you or anybody else has proposed,” Secretary of State John F. Kerry lectured Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., last week. “What’s the alternative?” […]

PERS’ pressed to stay with 3 percent COLA plan Two years ago a bill was introduced into the Legislature to make changes to the Public Employees Retirement System, known as PERS. This bill was sponsored by Sen. Nancy Collins of Tupelo. The introduction of this bill had the support of some Republican senators and representatives […]

Myles Monroe said, “True leaders don’t invest in buildings. Jesus never built a building. They invest in people. Why? Because success without a successor is failure. So your legacy should not be in buildings, programs, or projects; your legacy must be in people.” While sitting in a meeting with a group of leaders, I listened […]

During the Neshoba County Fair – a time reserved for family, fun and politics – I received some news that cast a long shadow over my favorite week of the year. The sad news came that Jason Oliver, 27, of Tupelo had died. When a young person loses their life, we are understandably saddened and […]

Seventy years ago Aug. 6, the United States used an atomic bomb in warfare for the first time, dropped from a B-29 bomber over Hiroshima, Japan. The flight, and the decision to use the secretly developed weapon, immediately caused a stir of the implications of an intentional, sudden mass destruction of people, mostly civilians, in […]

Birthdays are supposed to be special. They should be times for commemoration, reflection and full of anticipation of what the future holds. However, some birthdays are fraught with insecurity and the questioning of decisions and commitments that were made years ago. On July 30, this country celebrated 50 years of one of the most life […]

As previously reported, Bix the Mississippi mudhound is getting older. He still goes on his morning walks around the neighborhood, where he smells the smells and leaves messages for other dogs. But I don’t take him on hour-long hikes anymore. It wears him out, then he’s good for nothing the next day. “All I need […]

Turns out you have to finagle for parking in downtown Montgomery, Alabama, on a weeknight. Condos are rising; clubs are hopping. I arrive early because I don’t want to be late. I am here to meet for dinner three women who have become more a part of my life than I’d have believed possible three […]