On a recent Sunday morning a U.S. Postal Service (USPS) minivan stopped in front of my residence. The driver got out, walked up the driveway, scanned a bar code into his handheld device and gave me a small package. I was a bit apprehensive about what I might find in the package. After all, what […]

Just this week, the University of Louisville on Thursday confirmed that the National Collegiate Athletic Association had formally charged staff members in its men’s basketball program, including head coach Rick Pitino, with major violations related to a scandal in which a university employee provided prostitutes who performed sexual acts with players and recruits. The infractions […]

Stark contrast awaits on November ballots Thank goodness the debates are over so we can get back to what is important in the presidential election. We have been warned for years that out of control government spending is leading us to fiscal disaster. President Obama called the $2 trillion deficit accumulated under Bush II “irresponsible” […]

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s claims that the election is in danger of being stolen or “rigged” won’t find much wiggle room in Mississippi because our state’s ballot security is as airtight as a system can be. Trump’s claim that someone is ready to rig the Nov. 8 general election in which he faces Democrat […]

Education administrators across Mississippi likely had a roller coaster week depending on what rating their districts or individual schools received from the state department of education. But the real test for educators and communities alike will begin this week. Last week, the Mississippi Department of Education released accountability rankings, or the A through F ratings, […]

Legislative leaders brought in an outside expert from the Tax Foundation to push the theory that Mississippi needs to make its business taxes more competitive. She argues lower business taxes, offset by higher user fees, property taxes and expanded sales taxes, will make Mississippi more competitive for business and jobs. While this approach may make […]

Keep your eyes on the real issues come Election Day Let’s face it Trump, isn’t perfect. Trump is not after money (he has that) or power (he has that). He truly wants to make “America Great Again.” Not one of God’s top men was perfect or without sin. 1. Abraham lied – Pharaoh was afflicted […]

Thousands of participants are expected early today in downtown Tupelo for the 2016 staging of the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, one of many similar events across the country this year to raise awareness about breast cancer, provide support for people in the region impacted by it, and to encourage research for a […]

Bookstores (especially used bookstores) are the flame to the moth of my curiosity. My favorite haunt is Greatest Hits on West Jackson. It is always clean, the stock is categorized, and there’s enough turnover of inventory to keep it interesting. From classic works to little known jewels, they offer good books at a fair price. […]