Letters To The Editor: July 13, 2014

other_letters_editorPrescription drug abuse kills many in Mississippi

We were saddened but not surprised to see that Mississippi ranks sixth among the 50 states for the rate at which physicians prescribe painkillers to their patients.

That news, reported in a July 1 story by The Associated Press, comes as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention works to combat deaths from prescription opiods like Vicodin and OxyContin. According to the story, drug overdose deaths reached 41,000 in 2011, and 41 percent of those deaths involved prescription painkillers.

As an addiction treatment center based in north Mississippi, we see firsthand how a prescription for one of these powerful drugs can open the door to addiction – a chronic disease, which those in recovery must manage for the rest of their lives. While the good news is that recovering addicts can go on to lead healthy, successful lives, many could have been spared the struggle if prescribers had acted differently.

We hope that new measures by the Mississippi State Board of Medical Licensure will help curb this trend, by educating prescribers and tracking prescriptions of controlled substances to Mississippi patients.

Mississippi must do all it can to protect its citizens from the deadly, preventable disease of addiction.

Chad Clardy
The Oxford Centre
Tupelo Outpatient Office


Hobby Lobby decision upheld Christian faith

On Reg Henry’s July 5 article titled “Slippery slope lies ahead after decision,” contained an important fact. As Christians, the Hobby Lobby owner objected to paying for anything that causes abortions, not all contraceptives. Henry paints unpaid contraceptives as blocking others “moral business” by bosses, and he suggests not having this money makes women into victims. But bosses not paying for abortions doesn’t stop women from having an abortion, unfortunately.

Freedom of conscience and religion is the protection of all freedoms. But religious freedom is losing ground, proof being many Democrats denouncing the Hobby Lobby decision.

Tim Holland

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  • FrereJocques

    to Mr. Holland:

    Religious Freedom is alive and well in this country, and is actually growing while at the same time changing its face to include persecution of those who disagree with them. Your prejudice is showing when you state your opposition to abortions. You don’t like abortions? Fine. Don’t have one. But don’t deny that right to those who choose to have one. That is persecution. And those that simply disagree with you do not appreciate persecution any more than YOU do. What goes around comes around. If you keep persecuting those you disagree with, it’s going to come back to bite you in the a$$, and in a big way.

    • Lee814

      Your argument is absurd. Your prejudice is what is showing. Abortions happen every day. Hobby Lobby is not denying anyone an abortion or abortion causing drug. They just should not be forced to pay for it! In my opinion NO business should be forced to pay for it.

      This is one of the ridiculous points of Obamacare. A woman can get birth control pills with no co-payment, while people with life threatening illnesses have to pay for their drugs. My 21 year old daughter has to pay $100 per month for a prescription that she has to have, but she could get birth control, or a drug that causes abortion free. That makes absolutely no sense!

      • FrereJocques

        On the contrary, my argument is sound and logical. You either really don’t understand the issues involved, or, more likely, simply have a closed mind and believe what the Fundies tell you without question.

        First of all, as far as the cost of medicines is concerned, welcome to the Real World. I pay a LOT more than $100 a month for my medicines, and all of mine are “have to have” as well. Funny that the religious fundies don’t go after other medicines that help people cope with diseases that, according to the Bible, are the products of our own individual sin. Insulin, for example is needed to help cope with high blood sugar, and in most cases it could be claimed that high blood sugar is due to overeating (“Gluttony”, in biblical terms). Gotta wonder how many Christian Fundies are prescribed Insulin! That’s just one example.

        Now as to “free” birth control. The Government long ago realized that unwanted, unloved children are going to become wards of the State in many many cases. The State will have to pay to house them, feed them, clothe them, educate them, and in a lot of cases, incarcerate them. MUCH cheaper to avoid these children from being born in the first place, hence the encouragement to use birth control. Abortion is merely an extension of birth control, and yes I know that that statement infuriates the anti-abortion crowd. But abortion has other benefits besides just ordinary birth control. Some babies are created with birth defects that will make their life almost meaningless, and will wreak havoc on the lives of the parents. Other babies are the results of an incestuous relationship, or of rape. In no case would I force a woman to bring forth such a child unless she chooses to.

        I will also include my standard disclaimer: I am NOT in favor of abortion. If I had my way, there would be no more abortions. Because there would be no need for them. That is an idealistic goal. But we do not live in an idealistic world, and bad things happen. We have to deal with them as best we can.

        • Cletus Snow

          When one is insulin dependent, or, type 1 diabetic, or has juvenile diabetes, ( all the same), their pancreas has stopped making insulin, for one reason or another. That has absolutely nothing to do with obesity.
          Type 2 diabetes, or adult onset diabetes, is often brought on by diet and/or inactivity, the pancreas still manufactures insulin but the body doesn’t utilize it correctly to separate the sugar molecules from the blood cells. Changes in diet and exercise can and very often do have a positive impact, in many cases eliminating the need for medication.

    • Cletus Snow

      I, like most people brought up in a home where the Bible was known as The Word of God, simply believe that once an egg is fertilized by the sperm, it is a human life. I believe that fetus has rights that supersede the “rights” of the female carrying it. If a pregnant woman is murdered, or simply a victim of a traffic accident where someone else is at fault,prosecutors automatically charge the suspect with 2 counts… One for the mother, one for the fetus. One may argue that 2 counts are justified because the mother “wants” the baby… What if, unbeknownst to the rest of the world, she happened to be en route to an abortion clinic to terminate that pregnancy, when a teenager decided to send a text to his girlfriend, accidentally running a stop sign and killing mother and “unwanted” baby. How is it right that she can kill a baby simply because she doesn’t want it, but if the kid accidentally kills it, well, he’s going to prison. See the hypocrisy?
      However, this debate isn’t about whether abortion is right or wrong, (believe me, come Judgement Day, all of you WILL KNOW THE TRUTH), it is about whether a PRIVATE employer can be forced… FORCED, to provide abortions and abortion causing drugs for their employees…employees that, if they’d done their homework, would have known their prospective employers stance on that issue before they ever applied for a position. I guess we can expect someone to file suit against a well known (and very tasty) chicken restaurant because they aren’t open on Sundays… That takes one whole day of earning potential away from the employees… But wait, they knew that when they applied. Simply put, if you don’t like the rules, or the workdays, or the job duties, or the benefits (and since when were benefits mandatory anyway), then don’t apply. But don’t expect a private employer, one you CHOSE to work for, to provide you with that morning after pill because you got your freak on with a guy you met just last night. That’s irresponsible behavior. Even our exalted government once proclaimed it “risky” behavior not too many moons ago… Remember the AIDS crisis?
      And finally, if people don’t heed The Word of God, that’s going to come back to bite them in the a$$ in the very biggest way possible…. That’s a true story.

      • FrereJocques

        “I believe that fetus has rights that supersede the “rights” of the female carrying it.”

        And this is where we disagree. And I have no problem that your opinion and my opinion are different, except that you are willing to FORCE your opinion on me. I do not want to force my opinion on you; if you don’t want an abortion, then don’t have one. But you are all too eager to prevent me (my wife or significant other, actually) from having an abortion if we decide we want or need one. THAT is why I say that Christians persecute those who disagree with them.

        The reason that courts and law enforcement now charge people with two deaths in the event the mother is pregnant, is due ENTIRELY to religious extremists like yourself who lobbied and pushed and managed to get laws passed to that end. That doesn’t make it justified, it just satisfies religious nutcases who want to put people in jail for their own personal satisfaction. You pride yourself because you think you are doing God’s work here on Earth by calling in Caesar to enforce God’s law.

        As far as the legal merits of the Hobby Lobby case, the law of the land stated that businesses had to provide certain types of insurance coverage. I can’t say I know with certainty, but I bet that Hobby Lobby is not self-insured; that is, they don’t pay health claims themselves directly, they probably contract out that coverage. So how do they even know if a woman obtains a “morning-after” pill? It’s all part of the plan. Deal with it. I know for a fact that a lot of my taxes go to Government programs I don’t support. But I don’t make a Federal case out of each and every one. Nobody gets everything they want, but spoiled religious fundy nutcases sure do try.

      • 1941641

        There’s no feeling on earth like being snowed by Cletus Snow!

  • 1941641

    Christians, if you buy Hobby Lobby goods,(many of which are made in China) you are buying them second-hand from the worlds leader in abortions—China! To me, it seems hypocritical for the Christian led store to deny women employees access to birth control which is common practice in most US employee fringe benefits programs. But, then again, hypocrisy is a common trait of the Christian Religion. Women should be aware of who their bosses will ultimately be in deciding on a future employer.

  • Ells Worth

    Number head, I doubt many women will turn down a job because a company does not pay for abortion pills. As far as China made products, it is hard to find any products that are not made in China. Most electronic devices are made in China. Women that do not expect to get pregnant and have an abortion will not be affected by the Holly Lobby ruling, they already provide for birth control.
    Fairy Boy Jocques, you disagree with all morals, so what. I sincerely doubt you will ever need the morning after pill. As far as other medicines no one should be forced to buy medicine for any ailment that can be prevented by self control. for example as you point out obesity.
    Actually if you play, you should have to pay. Looks to me like it is you trying to force your opinion on others, because you respond mostly people with morals. Clearly absurd for you to always try to bring up the Bible in your arguments because you disagree with the Bible also.

    • FrereJocques

      “I doubt many women will turn down a job because a company does not pay for abortion pills.” But that isn’t really the issue. The issue is Corporations hiding behind Religion to avoid giving their employees what the law says the employees should get.

      ” As far as China made products, it is hard to find any products that are
      not made in China. Most electronic devices are made in China. ” Where they (your good Christian employers) pay pennies on the dollar compared to what they’d pay American workers, for CHILD LABOR exploitation, and avoid safety and environmental protections that are standard here in America. Ells Worthless, why don’t you and others of your ilk protest and stand up for these human rights atrocities instead of condemning gay people and pregnant women?

      “Women that do not expect to get pregnant and have an abortion will not be affected by the Holly Lobby ruling” Please clarify exactly which women EXPECT to get pregnant. Those who have sex on a regular basis, and are legally married IOW they have a license to do so, and use birth control? How about the children who are victims of incest, or the woman who is raped? Admittedly, these aren’t numerous (thank God) but it DOES happen. And how about the teenage couple out on a date, and things get out of hand, so to speak? You want to condemn them and their undesired offspring to a life of misery, when it could all be prevented by swallowing a pill?

      Which is the greater evil, since you brought up morals?

      ” Looks to me like it is you trying to force your opinion on others, because you respond mostly people with morals.” As I’ve said here before, your definition of morality differs substantially from mine. Your morality is based on retribution, revenge, and punishment, while mine is based on understanding, sympathy, forgiveness, and love.

      “Clearly absurd for you to always try to bring up the Bible in your arguments because you disagree with the Bible also.” What I bring up is the absurdity, judgmental attitudes, and hypocrisy of people like you who misuse the Bible for your own selfish and personal and misguided agenda.

      • Ells Worth

        No Response to such twisted logic.

        • FrereJocques

          IOW you don’t have good answers for my questions.

  • 1941641

    Ells, You seem to have gained a lot of knowledge about the Bible in your association with the fundies on the “Dark Side” of Tupelo. So, I would like for you to tell me where in the Bible is abortion mentioned as being taboo?

    “China” is mentioned in the post because it is a country where abortion is more or less a way of life and with the highest rate of abortion in the world, the products manufactured there and shipped around the world were not the intended subject matter of the post except for the fact that Hobby Lobby does a high volume of business with the Chinese and claims to be so “pro-life.” Hobby Lobby’s hypocrisy is the subject of my post. Hypocrisy is not the trait of a real Christian oriented company. The word, however, is found multiple times in the Christian Bible. Check it out, Ells.


    I personally don’t have an issue with Mr Green’s public disapproval of the 4 medications in question and I believe he followed a just path to getting his point across. I trust those who approve of this path to justice for Mr Green, also approve of the same path, and abide by the decisions made when it comes to others seeking civil justice.

    I’m troubled by the inference by his supporters contraception is a treatment for immoral, irresponsible women. This presumption ignores contraceptive family planning by married couples and, in the case of emergency contraception, the act of a responsible female in the event other measures fail during coitus: the rubber broke. I believe many women are indeed attempting to be quite responsible with birth control.

    I’m also troubled by the assumption that employers pay for insurance: when in fact many are simply conduits for ‘group’ benefits. I believe Hobby Lobby offers group benefits rather than paying a portion of the premium.

    The potential for life exists with the sperm and egg. The first step is fertilization but that’s but the first: many more to come before sentience. A beating heart cell isn’t life as we’d describe it: that cell will beat in a culture dish.