Letters to the Editor: July 1, 2015

Lions Band deserved more prominent play I was so pleased with the Daily Journal’s reporting last week of the Mississippi Lions All State...

Obama demonstrated grace in Pinckney eulogy I am so proud of our president, Barack Obama. His responsibility is awesome and his courage is amazing. May God grant him and all Americans the grace he spoke of Friday in the eulogy/sermon he delivered at the funeral of the Rev. Clementa Pinckney in Charleston, S.C. I hope […]

People need grow up and get a grip This flag issue is broken down. I don’t agree at all. I’m not a race hater, either. Why don’t people realize that the Confederate flag represents the Southern 11 states and lots of folks like it that way. That flag is not racist. Some folks just want […]

Confederate flag stood for South’s independence An issue declared settled once and for all in 2001 is confronting us again, the issue of the Mississippi flag. My ancestors fought under the Confederate battle flag, not for slavery, but to repel an invading army from the North that was destroying everything in its path. They fought […]

Scripture calls us to give up ‘rights’ I join my voice to that of others encouraging a change in our state flag. My life experience has offered many opportunities for conversations with many people from all walks of life about our state flag and other symbols of the Confederacy. It is clear to me that […]

Americans worship guns rather than real God “I want to kill black people. You have raped our women and taken over our country and you have to go.”– Dylann Roof, murderer. I don’t know how the killer in Charleston could have made his motives any clearer, and people still argue about what it all means? […]

War’s nothing but a racket for nation Our dear leader wishes to spend a few billion dollars re-equipping and training the Iraqi Army. For what? How to run faster? Even though they heavily out-numbered the enemy, the first time they saw an ISIL,they ran, abandoning everything except their American sun-glasses, without firing a shot. Also, […]

Devil seen in the killings in Charleston Seeing this by a young man at a church really got me upset so I’m giving my opinion again. Rev.12-7-10 says: “There was a war in heaven; Michael and his Angels fought against the dragon and the dragon fought with his angels and the dragon was cast out […]

GPS implant chips could track felony prisoners Seems to me as comprehensive as our jail and prison system is with full control in custody over their environment in jail, i.e., food, beverage, mail received, visitors, etc., the penal system should put GPS chips in criminals to the extent the system sees fit, in prison and […]

Try thoughtfulness in summer driving School vacations start this month. Traffic will increase accordingly with both students and teachers enjoying new experiences, vacations, water activities and chores untold. Summer seems a fleeting experience. Before you blink your eyes the fall semester will begin. Let’s try to improve summer for all by following a few common-sense […]