Letters to the Editor: Feb. 23, 2015

Racial violence shows the worst obscenity Jody Brown’s heart is breaking over the immorality and shame to Tupelo of the popularity of an...

Special legislation opens doors for expert assistance A recent editorial in The Daily Journal, “Special-needs legislation must have accountability,” recognized the various issues that parents of children with special needs, like myself, face in trying to get the best education possible for our kids. While less than 23 percent of children with special needs graduate […]

‘Special needs’ act holds out hope for many children Parents of children with special needs face many challenges every day. Unfortunately, one of the biggest struggles we encounter is with our local school district. My 8-year-old son, Ian, has been diagnosed with severe dyslexia. We had to go outside the school district for an evaluation […]

Settled science comes from Creator Climate change is just like a nagging headache that won’t go away. It began as the claim of “global warming.” However the only way scientific data would support it is with scientists falsifying climate data to make it fit their claims.The “settled science” Obama claimed is not settled at all. […]

Adopt the Bible? Live by it, too We, the citizens of Mississippi, should be grateful to have so many of our elected officials in state government represent themselves to the electorate as religious men and women. I am sure it is a constant challenge for these religious men and women to remain true to themselves […]

Enthusiasm for ‘Shades’ reveals deep moral abyss Is there anyone else besides me and my wife whose heart is breaking over the obvious popularity of “Fifty Shades of Grey” among movie-goers here in Tupelo and the surrounding area? And we still are trying to figure out the redeeming value of an “erotic romance” (Hollywood newspeak […]

Exceptions taken by Houston resident about CSA references It must be a wonderful job for Lloyd Gray to be the editor of a newspaper and express and print his personal opinions on any and all subjects of his choosing. The Jan. 18 Journal featured various articles including his regarding Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the […]

New office would help children with special needs, their parents In response to the outcry from parents of children with special needs, we have proposed creating an Office of Education Special Needs Counsel (HB 649) to provide legal representation to families securing special education services. Over the last year, we have talked with and listened […]

The Bible as state book raises some questions I’m absolutely thrilled the state Legislature is going to adopt my Bible as the state book! I am assuming, of course, it is my Bible – the Catholic Bible – that they’re adopting. What do you suppose the authors of this bill mean when they refer to […]

Black church has answer for Mississippi’s problems In 1960, after nine years in the desegregated military, I came back to Mississippi with a plan to destroy the system of white supremacy. Today, 55 years later, in Mississippi, we have a moral breakdown in the black family, in the black neighborhood, in the black community and […]