Letters to the Editor: Jan. 19, 2017

Band trip is rare honor for students, not political I was deeply saddened and disappointed when I read the letter to the editor that...

Students deserve better than Trump As a Tupelo High graduate (Class of ‘78), I am sad to hear that our high school band will perform in Trump’s inaugural parade. Once upon a time (in the Tupelo schools), our teachers taught us to have high ethical standards, to be critical thinkers and to respect our leaders […]

Good health coverage needs to be top priority In the Daily Journal, Jan. 10, Sen. Roger Wicker continues his seemingly endless criticism of President Obama and the Affordable Care Act. Why? The elections are over. The Republicans have the House, Senate and presidency. Could it be that he no longer wants us to think in […]

A week in your Miss. House Not every day of the legislative session is exciting, but none are boring. The weeks are typical that we check in on Monday’s at 4 p.m., then work Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and then check out about 9 a.m. on Friday mornings. This week was without excitement, but a […]

Let’s hope new government will guide us better Perhaps our greatest national blessing in the New Year will be getting rid of President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry. The president’s nuclear deal with Iran and his increasingly anti-Israel stance convince me that he has no respect for our Judeo-Christian heritage or for our […]

Great customer service goes a long way Last week I mailed in a check for a subscription to the Daily Journal as a Christmas gift for a friend. I had it sent in the mail because it would be easier for her. She has a long driveway plus health issues. Yesterday, the Daily Journal called […]

Child support issue impacts all Mississippians Child support can be the lifeline that prevents children in single-parent households from being in poverty. This feminization of poverty often presents barriers to things like obtaining, housing, food or other essentials that children need to thrive. Another potential consequence that can stem from a lack of child support […]

Deep appreciation gained from Citizens Academy I would like to thank Chief Aguirre, Deputy Chief Gilbert and Sgt. White who oversees the Community Oriented Policing, as well as each member of the Tupelo Police Department, for sponsoring the recently completed Citizens Academy. Numerous instructors from the police academy conducted an abbreviated version of the topics […]

Rutherford’s commitment to truth made real difference This is a toast to Joe Rutherford, whose recent retirement has passed by too quietly in my opinion. To Joe Rutherford, • One of Mississippi’s most significant writers of the past 40 years; • Who not only was not afraid to “speak truth to power,” but more importantly […]

Courage appreciated with recent council action I would like to thank the five members of the city council that had the courage to keep the state flag flying in Tupelo. It would have been much easier to do as so many others and put a little grease on the issue of the flag. The grease […]