Letters to the Editor: Oct. 24, 2016

Stark contrast awaits on November ballots Thank goodness the debates are over so we can get back to what is important in the presidential...

Keep your eyes on the real issues come Election Day Let’s face it Trump, isn’t perfect. Trump is not after money (he has that) or power (he has that). He truly wants to make “America Great Again.” Not one of God’s top men was perfect or without sin. 1. Abraham lied – Pharaoh was afflicted […]

The 2016 campaign: It is about Congress Oh please. This is not about Hillary or Trump. This is not about Republicans or Democrats; not about morals or the media, or debates or polls. Not about Putin, hackers or the FBI. All of this sound and fury is about an ideologically paralyzed Congress who can’t – […]

Tupelo Coca-Cola practices exceptional citizenship As a life-long Tupeloan, I would like to extend a warm “Congratulations” and a big “Thank you” to Coca-Cola on their 100th Anniversary here in Tupelo. It is immeasurable how many free Coke products and direct financial contributions they have provided over their 100 years to causes large and small […]

Two young men helped like angels With access to 24 hour news, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with troubling events. I’d like to share a personal story that reminded me there is good all around us. We simply need to open our eyes. On Saturday, Oct. 1, when leaving a Tupelo restaurant, I discovered my […]

Bill Clinton ushered in an era of prosperity In regard to Bill Clinton’s presidency, let’s take a factual look: 1. 22 million new jobs. 2. Lowest unemployment in 30 years. 3. Lowest crime rate in 26 years. 4. Improved gun safety legislation (Brady bill). 5. Lowest welfare rolls in 25 years. 6. Highest income at […]

Clinton is not best choice for presidency I’m getting so tired of all this talk about how good Clinton is compared to Trump. Clinton said that 50 percent of those who favor Trump are deplorable. I’m one of those 50 percent, but I am not a deplorable person as Clinton says. I don’t go around […]

Nation should tremble at prospect of Clinton Do you have a son or daughter who could be called into the military in the next four years? If Hillary Clinton did not assist an ambassador from the United States and his staff when they were being attacked, why would she be concerned about our privates, sergeants. […]

TPP will bankrupt family farmers I am a cattle farmer from West Point, and I don’t believe Congress should vote on the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP) during the lame duck session of Congress. The U.S. had $2.8 billion deficit in the trade of cattle and beef with the 11 TPP countries in 2015. This deficit […]

Don’t confuse facts with mere opinions After reading the second printing of the letter from Sue Sample Martz, I noticed several “deplorable” descriptive opinions of our president, presidential candidate Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, and our very own nation, the USA, itself. Fortunately they were mere opinions, not truths. I humbly suggest that limiting one’s opinions […]