Letters to the Editor: April 20, 2015

April is Alcohol Awareness Month Since 1987, April has been designated as Alcohol Awareness Month. According to the National Institute on...

Verona resident takes exception with Gilmore I am a citizen of Verona and have driven a school bus for over 22 years. I attended a meeting of the board of aldermen on March 7, 2015. I stood up in the meeting and asked why we had to micromanage our police department. I also asked why […]

Save the dogs before some other priorities Thank you, Rhonda Porter and Susan Morris, for your articles in the April 6 edition of the Daily Journal. My husband and I feel the same as you do. Money being spent for someone to swim, bike trails, etc., but not enough to save these precious beings. What’s […]

Candidates offering little about solving problems Lloyd Gray’s article Sunday, April 12 was an excellent article on politics and the pending congressional race in the First District of Mississippi. I hope that the voters read the article, and in particular the candidates for the congressional seat. Mr. Gray uses as his title “Lessons from Lott,” […]

Increase the value of Tupelo citizenship On April 28, there will be a vote for a bond issue for the Tupelo Public School System. This bond will fund improvements and repairs needed for our facilities. This bond issue is needed to fill the voids where state funding has fallen short. A vote of “yes” for […]

Tupelo Public School District bond should be approved The year was 1999 and Tupelo had passed a bond issue for several new schools and improvements to others. We are writing today in support of the upcoming bond vote for Tupelo Public Schools. Sixteen years ago this month, we were looking for a city to make […]

Russell’s ‘eclipse’ obscured by a deeper biblical truth Marty Russel set out to show us flat earth types (that’s how I believe he thinks of the multitude of Christians he is surrounded by in Northeast Mississippi) how science proves once again how wrong the Bible is. He tells us how the Bible indicates that Christ […]

Show All America spirit for new animal shelter First, let me say that I am proud to be from Tupelo, Mississippi. However, I am not proud of the small, old building where we house too many homeless, starving and suffering animals. If Oxford can rally together and build a state of the art animal shelter, […]

THS alumni couple endorses bond issue We both graduated from the Tupelo public school system as well as our children and we all highly endorse our public schools. With our State legislature overwhelmed with budget requests and their failure to vote in favor of necessary school funding it’s up to Tupelo to lead ourselves, again. […]

Our nation needs solidarity in the top White House leader We are a couple of snowbirds down here enjoying the milder weather. We have found warm, caring people in the northeast sector of Mississippi. I think the worst enemy the American working person has is the federal government. We elected a person that had no […]