All-America City. How can we continue to win the all American City award; if we are not willing to fly a flag that all American people can be proud of? Ken Taylor Tupelo

The establishment of both political parties and the news media, from MSNBC on the left to FOX on the right, continue to be confused and mildly amused by Donald Trump’s dominance of the political conversation this summer. Well, I don’t know why anyone is surprised that voters look at the parties’ preferred favorites, Hillary and […]

For a second time in the last few months I find myself applauding Tupelo High: this time for their efforts to improve ACT scores. However, anyone truly concerned about the Mississippi educational system must wonder why so few and so late. Mississippi students have been at or near the bottom in every measure of educational […]

Please use better pics of Dr. Carey Wright If a picture can paint a thousand words, your continued selection of the photos of Carey Wright, Mississippi’s Superintendent of Education, shows your negative bias to a very significant degree. Every picture that you have chosen to display show her in a most unflattering light. The photos […]

Newspapers faulted for various failures Today’s newspapers whine because they have become irrelevant. But there are many reasons for it. They constantly focus locally and bury the key world news stories inside in one-column bits and pieces. Newspapers also are a divisive force by their failure to present differing viewpoints to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton […]

Design a flag embracing all Last week at the Barnes Crossing Mall I saw a pickup truck passing that proudly displayed an American flag that waved away on a tall pole. Proud of his heritage, I thought. I share that joy. Immediately I thought of the controversy over our state flag. Thinking of the design […]

Some don’t care about their pets I walked out the door the other morning, and to my surprise, a kitten ran out from under my truck. After a few days, my wife and I discovered that we have a mother cat and two kittens camping out in our backyard. The being said, let me speak […]

Market scalped, but who got to order? Yesterday, there was a trillion dollar scalp of the stock market. When the Dow was down 1,100 points, and stocks were down 22 percent at the open, retail investors, the public, could not trade. Market orders did not work. Minutes later stocks moved up to almost positive…a trillion […]

Mississippi Power holds its Christmas in July Christmas in July – I guess ole Santa came early this year, for Mississippi Power anyway. Must be great to look under the tree and see all that is under there. I know it does not do any good for the little dog to bark; the president and […]