The Boy scrambled along the mountain trail, crossing rocks and climbing higher, up a stair-stepped causeway paved here with dirt, there with rock. I followed and let him set our pace, which was brisk, to say the least. The day before we’d done a short hike to a popular waterfall and he’d said the challenge […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer A new backpack, the Thermacell, real hiking socks and a camo ground seat top the list for great gift ideas for sportsmen this season. Most outdoorsmen love gear, especially effective gear, and gear that gets used also gets worn out or lost, so replacing the essentials is always a good […]

In the same way sleep is underappreciated by children, too many options for outdoor comfort are ignored by adults. Most advice aimed at keeping hunters, hikers and others comfortable in the outdoors is meant for kids and new inductees, but the best of these come from experienced hands who use these tips and tricks themselves. […]

On one of the first cool mornings of Mississippi’s fall, a small hunter put on his camo, picked up his rifle and headed to the woods. He didn’t have far to go, for his morning stand was close, and he had come so very far already. Sometimes small packages hold the largest things, it seems. […]

The Old Man looked across the water as he talked about his service on the USS Janssen, one of our nation’s destroyers that hunted sub- marines in the North Atlantic during World War II. An enlisted sailor, aboard ship the Old Man had been an electrician’s mate, a job that kept him far below deck […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer The memories we make in the field are treasures we carry in our minds for a lifetime, but when it’s time to tell the story to friends, it’s time for the photos to come out. Everyone who’s seen a professionally produced hunting magazine has seen hunter and deer photos done […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer With rainfall deficits growing larger by the day across north Mississippi, the urgency for pond owners and managers to act is growing as well. As water levels fall, fish not only become more crowded, placing a greater demand on a reduced supply of oxygen, the water itself can become a […]

In mountains lit by the moon we walked down from the heights of the day. Flashlights rode in our pockets or packs, but we didn’t need them. The moon’s silent light bathed the Rockies as it climbed up and across a cloudless field of stars. We passed through sage and brown switchgrass, skimming hands along […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer With population estimates of the critters running into the millions, Mississippians are never very far from a deer when they’re on the road, but during the fall and winter those encounters tend to increase dramatically. Experts offer eight key tips to reduce the likeli-hood of collecting one or more of […]