I thought my Old Man had to be crazy. This wasn’t how the guys who wrote about duck hunting in Sports Afield went about it. They sat in one place and the ducks came to them. He must be addled to make this walk I thought, slinging several pounds of mud off my boots only […]

Low rungs of an extension ladder stood beside the trunk of a big apple tree in the Old Man’s back yard. Mostly his orchards grew catalpa worms because, he said, a catfish won’t bite an apple, but this tree had been bearing provender for decades and he’d drawn the task of collecting it. Momentarily some […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer Next weekend, the Boy Scout Clay Classic, presented by Winchester, will enter its 21st year of helping shooters knock a summer’s rust off their games while supporting the Yocona Area Council of the Boy Scouts. Spanning two days at Camp Yocona, located south of Highway 278 in Pontotoc County, the […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer More than a decade ago, Booneville’s T.A. Cook helped in the early days of a bass tournament organization designed to spread the word of God. Two weeks ago, events came full circle when he and his daughter claimed top prize in one of the organization’s national events, out-fishing 105 other […]

The drive to camp was a four-hour trek so, when we stopped at a Soco station about halfway along, there was no question we’d need snacks. Supper was many hours away. Besides, the things we meant to cook were still partially frozen in the ice chests in back. Maybe we’d have the meal ready by […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer When the summer heat hits its peak, confining bass fishermen to hours early or late in the day, it may also be pointing them toward some of the most exciting fishing to be found all year long. Topwater lures that imitate creatures such as frogs and mice, or other floating […]

The wheels of the plane folded to a close as it rose above houses and trees. Below, big tractors pulled wide discs over broad fields, recarving furrows in the places they’d stood for many springs before. The soil yielded as from memory and resumed its appointed shape. Looking down, the passenger in 6A thought of […]

By Kevin Tate Outdoors Writer Thanks in large part to funds raised and work done by the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, sounds of one of the great icons of the West are becoming increasingly common east of the Mississippi. Restoration of huntable elk populations in states the creatures historically ranged has been a vast cooperative […]

The Old Men carried a folding lawn chair, a couple boxes of shells and a shotgun apiece into the dark. Somewhere on their person, each wagged a Thermos of coffee that rattled and sloshed with each step. The grass was wet with dew and there was a hint of chill in the air, though the […]