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By Brandon Speck Daily Journal TUPELO – Two bands are in Tupelo today ready to erase the line some draw between Christianity and rock ‘n’ roll. The first “Reaching Out Fest” will be hosted today at Ballard Park. The show features Christian hard rock act Decyfer Down and Christian punk rockers Children 18:3. Both offer […]

By W. Derek Russell Daily Journal TUPELO – If you’re looking for a good Halloween scare, look no further than Tupelo Community Theatre’s annual Haunted Theatre. Now in its 10th year, directors Steve Miller and Dave Dawson – the masters of Tupelo horror – breathe new life into the themed event each year, and 2015 […]

I wouldn’t ordinarily call myself a busy person. I go through spurts where I have lots of activities or responsibilities that seem to land at once. With that being said, I’ve got two major responsibilities coming down the pipeline that don’t consist of the regular duties of my job or as a parent, with fall […]

By W. Derek Russell Daily Journal TUPELO – Each year, the owners of Ironclad Tattoo Gallery in Saltillo put on a party to show their appreciation for their customers. 2015 is no different. This year’s Black Sheep Revival will be hosted at The Publik House on Spring Street in Tupelo and feature the Ireland-based band […]

By M. Scott Morris Daily Journal Go see “The Martian.” It’s fun, as long as you don’t mind a few well-placed four-letter words. The premise is straightforward. A NASA crew has to leave Mars in a hurry because of a storm. Mark Watney (Matt Damon) gets smacked by a stray piece of equipment. His colleagues […]

By Ray Van Dusen Monroe Journal ABERDEEN – Blues music isn’t limited to just one age group of performers, as per the case of the lineup of this year’s Bukka White Festival. The Mississippi-born talent of the festival to be held on the banks of the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway Oct. 16 and 17 ranges in age […]

By Michaela Gibson Morris Daily Journal TUPELO – Lee County’s own Paul Thorn will share his blessings with the Regional Rehabilitation Center in an intimate Dec. 12 concert. “An Evening with Paul Thorn – Too Blessed to be Stressed” will be Dec. 12 at Sadie J Farm in Plantersville. The concert will be inside a […]

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Wallis Neelly, 3, with his uncle Tommy Green.
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Rodney and Ginger Shands.

Better safe than sorry. Due to the fact Facebook has chosen to involve software that will allow the theft of my personal information, I state: at this date of October 1, 2015, in response to the new guidelines of Facebook, pursuant to articles L.111, 112 and 113. I’m about to give you a pursuant article. […]